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Lexus Top Of The MoT Pass Rate Table

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You would expect a well-maintained car to sail though its first MoT, but figures show that certain models and makes perform much better than others. All cars are legally obliged to take an annual MoT from three years of age and while overall pass rates are dominated by luxury brands (Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley), this doesn't give a true picture – such cars tend to benefit from lower mileage and the best maintenance regimes.

When it comes to first time testers, the top ten list is dominated by Japanese and German brands - showing their reputation for reliability is well-deserved. Lexus comes out top with an 88% first MoT pass rate, closely followed by Suzuki, Honda, Saab, Toyota, Audi, Smart, Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover, all scoring well over 80%. After this, Seat, Mazda, Hyundai, VW, Skoda and BMW are all neck and neck at 81%. The average pass rate, gained from figures from all manufacturers, was 80%.

Overall MoT pass rates through the years, minus the luxury brands, are once again led by Lexus, with a 75.3% pass rate and in fact, the landscape of top ten first time and overall pass rates is reassuringly similar. Chevrolet and Smart take second and third places, figures which are perhaps skewed by these brands' relative newness in the market, with Toyota and Jaguar coming fourth and fifth, each with pass rates over 70%. Bearing in mind the age of these two brands, this is a pretty impressive performance, as many of the vehicles from which data was collected will be far older than the Chevrolets and Smarts, for example. The overall MoT pass rate top ten is rounded out by Honda, Mini, Mazda, Audi and Subaru.

The bottom places on the list are reserved for dead and dying brands – Tata, Austin, Daewoo, Rover and Lancia. A common denominator among brands with lower MoT pass rates seems to be the absence of extensive dealer networks and reliable parts supply chains.

One mainstream brand with a surprisingly low place in both first time and overall pass rate tables is Renault. Its poor performance in first time tests (76%) only gets worse later on with an overall pass rate of 50.1%, but none of the three French biggies manages more than 77% first time or 56.8% overall. In its favour, Renault's performance in earlier years was significantly worse, showing the brand is taking serious steps to remedy reliability issues.

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