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Lexus RC Coupe For Tokyo

By raccars Published

Among the goodies to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show this month is a sleek, new, two door coupe from Lexus, the company's answer to the Audi A5 and BMW 4 Series.

Official images show off a lean, modern silhouette, that is essentially a stretched out version of the IS saloon – longer and wider. It's slightly bigger also than its main rival, the BMW 4 Series. Design influences from the LF-CC concept are apparent, with a very prominent hourglass front grille and sharp, angled double headlights. It's a pretty ferocious looking car.

Lexus has yet to release statistics relating to performance but information is being drip fed. So far, we know that buyers will be able to choose between two alloy wheel designs, a set of 18 inchers with five spokes or 10 spoke 19 inchers. So far, there has been little information about the RC's four seat cabin, but it is believed to be styled according to the traditional Lexus design cues and strongly resemble the IS. The infotainment system includes a seven inch screen, within a wood trimmed fascia, with a separate touch control unit and Lexus has described racing seats for superior support and comfort.

The hottest model in the range is alleged to be a 450bhp 5.0 litre V8, which will replace the IS F and take on the BMW M4. Expected to be dubbed the RC F, this will be the first model from the range to hit the streets, within the next 12 months, but will not make its public debut until next year's Detroit Motor Show. Two other engine options have been mentioned so far, an RC 350 with a 3.5 litre V6 unit, power output unknown as yet, and the RC 300h, a hybrid version, with a 2.5 litre engine and 179bhp, both of which are due to go on show in Tokyo. All transmissions are automatic. At the moment it is unclear exactly which versions of the RC will reach the UK market.

So far, the RC is looking like a fairy credible alternative to the premium German coupes, which have ruled the market for far too long. That outrageous nose could be divisive – some will hate it but it could be a useful tool for mopping up those buyers who have found the German rivals excessively conservative. It's a brave design decision from Lexus, aimed at attracting a younger demographic than the company usually attracts.

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