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Lewis Hamilton wins 3rd F1 championship

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Fans, pundits and industry insiders are already reflecting on the third F1 title win for Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton enters F1 history

Last weekend saw British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton take home his third world championship with three races to spare, concluding the season in style and consolidating his status as one of the greatest drivers the sport has ever seen. This is certainly the opinion held by F1 head Bernie Ecclestone, who said that he now ranks Hamilton as amongst the five best F1 champions to ever take to the tarmac, according to Eurosport.

The next race, scheduled to take place over the weekend in Mexico City, will see the pressure ease off for Hamilton, although he has said that he is intending to try his utmost to maintain his composure and continue to prove that he deserves the accolades being thrown in his direction.

The F1 Mexico City race itself is historic, since it has been over 20 years since F1 last headed to the Mexican capital. And Hamilton’s rivalry with team mate Nico Rosberg has also been diffused by his win, with the two seen partying together following last week’s race, according to the Daily Mail.

Onwards and upwards

With three F1 titles under his belt, Hamilton is now in a prestigious club containing just a handful of other drivers. Other three time winners include Sir Jackie Stuart and Niki Lauda, meaning that Hamilton is most definitely in rarefied company. And at just 30 years of age, the British driver is almost certain to add further championships to his trophy cabinet over the coming decade.

Michael Schumacher remains the unquestioned titan of the F1 world, with his seven championship wins unlikely to be challenged in the short term. Second place is currently occupied by Juan Manuel Fangio who won two fewer than Schumacher, while Sebastian Vettel and Alain Prost both achieved four wins apiece. Hamilton has quite a challenge ahead of him if he is to surpass the achievements of some of these other greats. And there are still debates to be had as to whether it is meaningful to compare F1 winners from different eras, given the dramatic differences in the cars and technologies involved over the years.

On-going discussions

Bernie Eccleston appears reluctant to give a definitive view as to where Hamilton truly stacks up in the annals of F1 history, in spite of his earlier comments. Ecclestone has also said that the number of titles won by a given driver is not necessarily indicative of the extent to which they were deserved, pointing to Alain Prost as being a good example of someone who arguably should have walked away with a few more under his belt, were it not for the intervention of fate.

Other issues raised following Hamilton’s title win tend to focus on the nature of the cars themselves, with critics asserting that his victory was assured from the start because he was simply in possession of a superior vehicle. His dominant performance throughout the season is given as evidence of this, although the fact that he has been consistently faster than his team mate Rosberg suggests that it cannot be solely down to the car.

Motorsport purists complain about the extent to which technology has seeped into F1 over the years and has left drivers with less work to do as a result. But the reality is that there are entirely different challenges that modern drivers need to manage. While the sport may not have the raw, terrifying thrill of the early days, it is still capable of captivating millions of fans across the globe.

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