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Lewis Hamilton blames partying on F1 Monaco crash

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A late night incident has left F1 star Lewis Hamilton with some explaining to do.

Since winning the F1 championship, Lewis Hamilton has made no secret of the degree to which he has been celebrating. Nor has he chosen to shy away from the fact that he has embraced a lifestyle that involves rather more partying than has historically been his preference. And last week he confirmed that he had been involved in a car accident in Monaco, which he puts down to the fatigue that his socialising has caused, according to BBC News.

Hamilton’s crash was not on the track, but rather on public roads in the principality where he has taken up residence. He hit a parked car while behind the wheel of his £1.6 million supercar. No injuries were caused and there was no major damage sustained by either vehicle. However, it seems that this incident has caused Hamilton to re-think his current schedule and has even resulted in the driver delaying his trip to Brazil to participate in one of the final races of the season.

Partying takes its toll

After the minor incident, which took place at 3AM when the roads of Monaco were fairly free from traffic, Hamilton said that the combination of training, partying and travelling had been causing him to feel quite drained. This is why he believes tiredness is the principal cause of the accident which involved his Pagani Zonda supercar and one other vehicle.

The influence of social media on the way in which news such as this is reported is apparent from the fact that Hamilton’s statement on the incident was delivered via Instagram. And in it he said that he had made contact with his F1 team’s medical advisor and as a result was taking an extra day of rest at home before heading to Brazil. There he will go on to take second place to Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton also made reference to the fact that some people would seek to capitalise on this incident in order to make money, presumably referring to the ensuing media coverage and the actions of the paparazzi. And the media will almost certainly have come to play a bigger part in his life now that he is actively pursuing a more adventurous and out-going approach to socialising. He has been snapped having fun with celebrities including Rihanna in the past year.

Season finale

As the F1 season comes to a close, attention on Hamilton’s personal affairs is being overshadowed as a result of his competitive relationship with Rosberg. David Coulthard has argued this week that the pair should be allowed to go all out at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This will act as the climactic showdown of the season, even if Hamilton’s championship is already in the bag. Coulthard argues that the drivers, between whom tension has existed for some time, should have the opportunity to truly compete in this final event, rather than being restricted by the team’s managers.

This is certainly an interesting idea, although one which may not ultimately be delivered on the track. Coulthard admits that Mercedes does a good job of keeping its drivers happy and making sure that they perform at their best, but for fans and for Hamilton and Rosberg themselves it might be a cathartic experience.

When the F1 season concludes in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton will be able to enjoy some down time and do as much or as little partying as he sees fit, before returning his focus to how he will take on new challenges next season.

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