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Last Minute Father's Day gifts for car lovers

By raccars Published

Lego Ford Mustang

This Sunday is Father's Day. Do you have a gift for your car-loving parent?

Hopefully you haven't left it until today to think about getting a Father's Day present, but if you have you may be able to find a bit of inspiration here. It's safe to say that most men love gadgets, and modern cars have more gadgets than ever before. Help your Dad to upgrade his ride this Father's Day.

Interesting automotive gifts for Father's Day

Dashboard camera

This is one automotive gizmo that has genuinely practical applications. OK so you can use it to record your favourite driving routes too, but it can also help to reduce car insurance premiums by recording evidence in the event of a collision. It also provides a handy record of your motoring history - where you went and when, and how long it took, for example. There are plenty of dash cams on the market at the moment. Some of them come with GPS to record location, direction and speed at the time of a collision and some include useful features such as the ability to capture number plate data even in poor visibility.

Driving diagnostic tool

This is like a Fitbit for your car, recording driving data including braking and acceleration, idling and cornering and even a car finder tool in case you lose it in the car park. It can be plugged into your car's diagnostic port so that the data can be downloaded to a free app available for Android and iOS devices, which scores you on your driving performance.

Ford Mustang by Lego

If your Dad is unable to buy himself the real thing for whatever reason, you can at least help him to get a bit closer to his dream. The Lego Speed Champions kit for a Ford Mustang GT is great fun for adults and kids, and costs less than a tenner. Bargain!

Haynes V8

Similarly he can build his own throaty V8 from a Haynes kit. It costs £40, contains 300 parts and will even fit on his desk!

Breathalyser device

Not because you're worried about him drinking and driving, but he may find it interesting to check his results after a number of drinks, particularly the morning after a particularly raucous round of golf at the club. On a more serious note, this £30 gadget could help your Dad keep his licence if he's not entirely au fait with current drink driving laws.

Heated and cooled seat cover

If your father has an older car or a basic model, you can provide him with some creature comforts in the form of this heated and cooled pad which sits on top of his standard seat. It is made by Viotek and costs £130 and will warm or cool him on his journeys according to the weather conditions.

Steering wheel tray table

Some people use their car as their office. This little gizmo means your car can now also be used as a restaurant! For £17 it hooks onto the steering wheel and is shaped to accommodate a decent lunch or provide a stable base for a laptop or tablet computer.


Your dad might drive a Honda Civic but you can help him to unleash his inner boy racer with this nifty little device which plugs into the lighter socket and plays through the car stereo. What does it play? The testosterone-heavy sound of a V8, V10 or a V12! It synchronises to match the car's performance, giving a racy snarl when you put your foot down so your Dad can imagine himself on the track at Le Mans rather than on his way to the supermarket in Basingstoke.

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