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Land Rover receives customer service accolade

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Land Rover

Land Rover is beaten only by Amazon and Wilko in 2016's UK Customer Satisfaction Index.

The UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) is designed to measure consumer satisfaction via an online survey carried out every six months and published annually by the Institute of Customer Service. Survey respondents are representative of the adult population in the UK by age, gender and region. They are asked to give a score of 1-10 covering their experience of the professionalism, efficiency, quality and other customer service issues relating to the individual organisations with which they have engaged over the last three months.

Results are compiled to give an average rating and then multiplied by ten to be expressed between 1-100. The UKCSI of July 2016 received 42,500 - 3,000 each for 12 key sectors and 6,500 responses for Utilities.

Land Rover: the top car brand

In the automotive brands sector, Land Rover came out on top and showed a great improvement upon last year's score - 5.5 points higher than 2015's survey. Suzuki took the honour of the most improved brand overall, gaining 9.1 points over last year's score. Suzuki was delighted by the score and claims that its new service and after sales scheme was an important contributory factor.

Land Rover also performed well overall in the survey, coming third behind online retailer Amazon and homewares retailer Wilko.

Waitrose and Marks and Spencer shared joint third place with the SUV manufacturer whilst Kia was the second most successful performer from the automotive sector, taking 17th place overall.

The survey painted a reasonably positive picture of the public's experience in dealing with automotive brands, with an increase in overall satisfaction of 0.6 points to 78.9. Customer trust in automotive manufacturers also increased by 0.2 points, which is perhaps surprising in a year which has been tainted by diesel emissions scandals and other unpleasant news.

The VW Group and customer satisfaction

On the other hand, Audi and Skoda, both VW Group brands, had appeared in 2015's UKCSI top 50 brands for customer service in 35th and 11th places respectively. But this year, neither managed to secure a place within the top 50. Details of scores for companies which don't make the top 50 are not published.

Another surprise came in the form of the absence of Volvo in this year's top 50 after placing 34th in 2015. Volvo has been enjoying a very successful year for sales and was expected to score highly in the UKCSI. However, the Swedish manufacturer claims that a positive result was recorded by an alternative survey by the International Aftersales Customer Satisfaction (IACS), and by the firm's own internal customer satisfaction surveys.

Other manufacturers appearing in the overall top 50 were Mini in 20th place and Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai sharing 29th place. This is a new appearance for Mercedes-Benz in the survey. In total, there were six car manufacturers in the UK's top 50 brands for customer satisfaction compared to seven last year, when BMW also made an appearance but as BMW/Mini instead of as separate entities.

Interestingly for brands such as Ford, with its Vignale high spec customer service experience, the survey confirmed that consumers are happy to pay more for better customer service.

The top four areas seen to be driving higher customer satisfaction were staff doing what they had said they would; staff attitude; staff understanding of consumer issues; and the outcome of consumer complaints.

Driver Power discrepancy

This is certainly positive news for a dieselgate and Brexit-beleaguered automotive industry, but Auto Express's Driver Power survey, which also measures customer satisfaction, paints a more negative picture. 50,000 responses were received, showing 25 per cent of car owners complaining that local dealers fail to return their phone calls. The same survey put some of the UK's biggest and most important automotive brands in the bottom half of its dealer satisfaction ratings including Land Rover, BMW, Mini, Vauxhall, Nissan, Ford, Audi and Volkswagen.

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