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Land Rover launches workshop tour

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Old Landrover

Visitors can join the Reborn Tour to watch an early Land Rover being restored in Solihull.

Land Rover is offering members of the public the chance to witness an early Land Rover’s restoration at its Solihull workshop. Land Rover Classic’s Reborn Tour lasts for three hours and aims to give visitors an insight into the history of Land Rover at the plant, in addition to showing off production techniques used in the 1940s.

The end of the line for the Land Rover Defender

A significant percentage of the techniques were used in 1948 during the production of the original Series 1 and continued until production ended on the Land Rover Defender in January. Last year saw a tour which celebrated the final year of production of the Defender.

Over 10,000 people took this tour and it has now been relocated beside Solihull’s Classic Workshop and forms part of the new Reborn Tour experience. The Jaguar Land Rover Classic workshop has been updated and is within the Defender’s original Solihull production centre.

Land Rovers Reborn

This is now home to what is known as Land Rover’s Series 1 Reborn project. This is focused on sourcing a variety of original Land Rovers and restoring them. Series 1 chassis are hand-picked by programme experts from within Land Rover’s global network.

Each of the chosen Land Rovers undergo a total restoration in line with the 1948 factory specification. Genuine parts are used in order to ensure that the end results are as authentic as possible. This includes a choice of five different period finishes; Poppy Red, Dove Grey, RAF Blue, Bronze Green and Light Green.

People can opt to buy a restored Land Rover, choosing a base vehicle and then following their Series 1 restoration from beginning to end at the new Classic workshop. Others can choose to follow their workshop tour with an off-road Defender experience, which allows them to get behind the wheel of the legendary vehicle.

The future of the Land Rover Defender

Whilst production of the Land Rover Defender ended earlier this year, a new version is already being tested in preparation for a 2018 launch. Dr Ralf Speth, the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, has already been behind the wheel and has confirmed that the car’s appearance has been decided upon and claims that it looks ‘fantastic’.

The new Land Rover Defender is set to be based on the same aluminium architecture as the Range Rover Sport and Discovery Range Rover. It could also be made at the same location in Solihull, although there are now other aluminium plant alternatives for Land Rover.

Dr Speth said that the new Defender will not be related to either the Evoque or Discovery Sport models and added that the car is set to be ‘fairly different’ when compared to other models in terms of its body componentry. This is because the vehicle has to be incredibly tough to match its capability promises.

Dr Speth said the car’s architecture will be different compared with other aluminium cars but the new Defender will not be a mere icon. Instead, it will be an ‘authentic’ and worthy follow-on from the legendary Defender.

The history of the Land Rover Defender

The four-wheel-drive off-roader was initially known as the Land Rover Ninety, as well as the Land Rover One Ten, and was launched in June of 1948. Land Rover announced in October 2013 that production was to stop in December 2015, marking the end of a 67-year continuous run.

Production continued beyond this date but finally ended on January 29 of this year when the last Defender of its kind rolled off the line at 9.22, carrying the number plate H166 HUE.

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