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Land Rover Defenders Create Largest Sand Drawing In UK

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Nearly 70 years ago, Maurice Wilks was spending time at the family property on Anglesey, and stopped on a walk at Red Wharf Bay to explain to his brother an idea he had for a new kind of car, something utilitarian, which could be used for light tractor duties and off roading. The sketch he made in the sand on that spot became the Land Rover Defender, the now iconic off roader, which is a favourite of the Queen, farmers and fashionable city dwellers alike and, sadly, due to be discontinued at the end of this year.

A recent tribute by Land Rover saw six of the cars return to the same spot at Red Wharf Bay and, with the help of sand artist, Jamie Wardley, and in the presence of Maurice Wilks' son, Stephen, drag agricultural harrows along the beach to create a giant silhouette of a Defender in the sand. The artwork took the form of a 4.52km continuous line and took three hours to create. The tide then washed it away within minutes...

The drawing, at a kilometre long, holds the distinction of Britain's largest sand drawing. One each of a Series I, II, III, an Eighties 90, a 90 Hard Top and a 110 Station Wagon worked in unison, each towing a 12 foot agricultural harrow, to form the Defender's unmistakeable shape in the sand.

The first Land Rover was released 68 years ago, in April 1948 and was modelled on wartime American Jeeps. Its demise is due to the difficulty of integrating the latest EU safety regulations into the iconic vehicle. Land Rover had decided that re-engineering was simply too complicated to be cost effective and announced the end of the Defender, to the dismay of fans. While the company is working on a replacement, a glimmer of hope was seen recently, when a spokesman for the company suggested that overseas production of the Defender could continue after the last model rolls off the firm's production line at Solihull in December. Volumes would remain low and sales would take place strictly outside the EU.

In the meantime, the company continues a series of last hurrah celebrations of the Defender, which include the release of three limited run special editions, dubbed the Adventure, the Autobiography and the Heritage, each representing some of the car's particular properties.

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