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Lamborghini LP570-4 Squadra Corse Special Edition

By raccars Published

Lamborghini's final salute to the Gallardo comes in the form of this LP570-4 Squadra Corse special edition, the most extreme Gallardo yet and a fitting monument to a decade of supercar excellence.

The last and fastest Gallardo ever will make its official debut at September's Frankfurt Motor show. The Squadra Corse is road legal, just barely, offering Gallardo Super Trofeo racer levels of performance tweaked for production status by the brand's new racing department of the same name.

The road car uses atuned version of the Super Trofeo's racing V10 with 5.2 litres for 532bhp, the same as the Superleggera and a robotic six speed transmission with a steering wheel mounted paddleshift, a departure from the Gallardo's traditional manual open gate arrangement. 62Mph arrives within 3.4 seconds, matching the Ferrari 458 Italia and 124mph in a gobsmacking 10.4 seconds, topping out at 199mph. Fortunately there is a big set of carbon ceramic brakes on those 19 inched forged steel wheels to bring it to a halt.

The distinctive rear wing is a carbon fibre addition from the race car, contributing to a threefold increase in downforce compared to the standard Gallardo, while the bonnet is similarly derived from the racer, made of carbon fibre with a quick release system. All that carbon fibre works with a variety of other weight reducing measures to shave 70kg off the weight of the standard version of the car.

The use of carbon fibre continues in the Squadra Corse's cabin for the racing seats, handbrake structure and centre console, complemented by Alcantara leather trim. Customers can opt for a comfort seating package instead of the race seats. Porsche fans will note the appropriation of fabric door pulls instead of the usual hinged handle arrangement.

Lamborghini is on schedule for a 2014 release, using elements shared with 2015's replacement for the Audi R8. The Squadra Corse will be available in grey, red, white or yellow and its breeding is evident in the racing stripe of green, white and red zipping along the flank. Prices have yet to be confirmed but do not expect to get change from £200,000.

With the Squadra Corse ushering in the Gallardo's exit, baby supercar fans are looking forward to a replacement tentatively titled the Cabrera. Taking its cue from the Aventador's carbon fibre construction, the new car will be lighter than the current Gallardo but will stick with its V10 powered all wheel drive power delivery and should produce some 580bhp. Performance and fuel economy are both expected to top its predecessor and a similar array of special editions are expected to furnish a compete line up.

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