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Koenigsegg One:1 - The Fastest Car in The World?

By raccars Published

The 1,322bhp Koenigsegg One:1 hypercar is on show at Geneva this week and is expected soon to be crowned the most powerful production car in the world. Its styling is inspired by the Koenigsegg Agera, visible in the LED taillights and outsized exhaust pipe, but the One:1 can be distinguished by its bold rear wings and roof fin arrangement.

The designation One:1 is a reference to the car's power to weight ration, as its 1,340kg kerb weight matches its 1,340hp / 1,322bhp power output. This is courtesy of the Agera's turbocharged 5.0 litre V8 engine. It is this that will see it steal the SCC Ultimate Aero's crown, as the world's most powerful production car. That power is driven through a dual clutch, seven speed automatic transmission.

The result is that the One:1 can reach 250mph from standstill in a ridiculous 20 seconds, and then return to a stop within 10 seconds, thanks to a vast set of ceramic brakes.

As befits a car of such capabilities, the lack of a price tag announcement suggests something astronomical, as does a production run limited to six units.

The next stop for the One:1 could be the title of fastest production car in the world too, as its tyres are rated to 273mph. Should it prove capable of hitting that speed, it will surpass the current holder of that record, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with 267.81mph.

Bugatti's prize is also under attack from another corner, with American firm, Hennessey, claiming a new speed record for a production car with its Venom GT model. Apparently, a speed of 270.49mph was reached on a single run at Florida's Kennedy Space Centre last month. The record will not however be ratified by Guinness, as the regulations require a pair of runs, each in an opposite direction, to conclude an average speed. Nonetheless, the speed was independently confirmed by Racelogic and the Venom GT has claimed a variety of other speed records for itself – fastest 0-200mph time and fastest 0-300km/h time for example – so it can only be a matter of time...

The landscape of world's fastest cars has changed dramatically over the past century, with the Aston Martin DB4 and Mercedes 300SL holding early records, along with the Lamborghini Miura passing 170mph in 1966. The early Nineties saw the pendulum swing wildly between the McLaren F1, Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40.

Speed freaks will be anticipating what the Koenigsegg One:1 has to offer with glee.

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