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Kia Deals For Summer

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Kia sales have been on the up in the UK, largely thanks to its constantly improving product range. However, the conditions of sale are also extremely attractive to UK buyers, with low purchase prices and excellent aftersales care arrangements, which include a seven year warranty on every new model.

For 2013's third quarter, Kia has launched an even better series of deals, including reductions in purchase price and a number of service and insurance offers.

Starting with its supermini Picanto, Kia has reduced the retail price by £1,250, while the hatchback, Kia Rio and MPV, Kia Venga, have had £1,400 and £1,600 lopped off of their respective retail prices. Kia's SUV, the Sorento, has also been treated to a reduction of £2,000. Kia's new and popular cee'd and cee'd Sportswagon have been given a £1,000 discount.

While the deals are designed to attract new customers, there is also a very generous loyalty reward for existing Kia customers of up to £3,000, which supersedes any other offer.

Kia's Access and Conditional Sale finance programmes have been updated to make a new Kia even more accessible, with 4.9% deals and the possibility of 0% finance for Venga and Soul models. The deposit contribution for the whole cee'd range is £1,000, including the new pro_cee'd GT hot hatch.

There are insurance deals available concurrent with purchase offers, such as £99 for a year's insurance on certain Picanto, Rio and cee'ds – the three door City and five door 1 Air Picanto, the Rio 2, plus the 1 and Sportswagon 1 versions of the new cee'd. This offer is applicable to customers aged between 21-80 years old and UK wide, including the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland.

The Care-3 servicing programme, covering the new car's first three services, is available for £299 on new Picanto and Rio models. The same all-inclusive servicing plan is available on cee'd models for £329. Care-3 Plus can also be bought to cover the first five services, at a cost of £599 for the Picanto or Rio and £609 on the cee'd.

The offers mean that you could pay, for example, £9,393 for a brand new Kia Picanto City, for which you get a seven year warranty, a year's insurance and three services. A new Kia Rio 2 comes with the same seven year warranty, a year's insurance and three services for a total price of £10,893.

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