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Kia and Toyota Recalls

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Following recalls owing to manufacturing faults earlier this year, Toyota has now been obliged to recall 242,000 examples of its third generation Prius model worldwide.

The defect is related to the brake pedal pressure accumulator, which may potentially contain a faulty component. The piece in question is a metal plunger which contains brake fluid housed inside a nitrogen filled cavity, sealed with metal bellows. Apparently, the metal used in the plunger could crack through fatigue, allowing nitrogen to mix with the brake fluid. The result is reduced braking power and increased pedal movement.

In the event of the fault occurring, the car will display a warning light and should not be driven. Prius owners who suspect their vehicle is experiencing the defect should contact their local Toyota dealer.

Of the 242,000 global recalls, 5,000 apply to UK Toyota Prius models, where there have been two reported incidences of the fault. Although there have been 93 defects reported worldwide, as yet, there have been no related accidents or injuries. Toyota will be contacting owners of the 4,947 suspect vehicles in the UK over the next few weeks, to organise free of charge repair work, which should be completed within about three hours.

The Toyota recall comes the week after 25,000 Kias in the UK were reported to have a potential brake light fault. The defect applies to the previous generations of the Kia Carens, the Sedona, the Sportage and Sorento, plus some of the current generation of the Sorento, Soul and the Optima saloon model. A problem has been found which may cause brake lights in the affected models to fail to illuminate and fail to switch off when the brake is released.

Actual braking power and ABS are unaffected but Kia is in the process of contacting the owners of the relevant models to rectify the problem, which should take about 15 minutes to complete

It's been a bad spring for recalls, with Nissan discovering last month a potentially dangerous fault which could cause steering wheels to come off in drivers' hands, affecting 841,000 cars globally, including nearly 134,000 UK customers. In April, Japan's big four manufacturers – Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda – recalled 3.4 million cars worldwide after a third party supplied airbag was proved to contain a defective part, potentially causing the airbags to rupture upon use. Of the cars affected, 1.73 million were made by Toyota, including 76,000 of the 150,000 total UK vehicles recalled.

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