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Keating celebrates ten years with new supercar

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Concept For Keating

If you're looking for a supercar outside the usual suspects, how about British brand Keating?

British supercar maker Keating is a low profile name but is celebrating its ten year anniversary in 2016. To mark the occasion it is launching a new model, the Berus and has exciting plans for future models.

Vipera Berus

Keating focuses on driver experience rather than comfort or convenience features and the Berus sticks to the same blueprint. It's the most radical car yet from the company, with bold design based upon a 'snake's fangs', and indeed the 'Berus' name comes from the snake Vipera Berus. The car's performance is said to be equally venomous.

Keating is offering a three model Berus line-up, starting with a 650bhp naturally aspirated model. The second option adds a couple of turbos which increases the power output to a frightening 2,000bhp. The third option is a clean and green electric car with 400bhp plus.

University of Bolton

Apart from renderings, thus far only a half scale model of the Berus has been produced, which can be seen at the Centre for Advanced Performance Engineering at the University of Bolton - Keating's home town. Keating Supercars is a partner at the centre and the Berus will be built in the northern city. The company belongs to one Anthony Keating, who attended the University of Bolton's Automobile Engineering Institute and who has retained close links with the city. Apparently he hopes to sell about 30 cars per year.

Earlier Keating models

Keating's first car was the track-focused TKR in 2006, followed shortly by the road legal SKR. Keating cannibalised parts from the likes of the Pagani Zonda and the Saleen S7 to make these cars and used a General Motors 7.0 litre LS V8 for power. The company has claimed that this unit is capable of 2,000bhp plus with a couple of turbochargers, and that it will reach 60mph within two seconds.

A TKR was set to attempt the blind land speed record in 2010 but crashed during a test run. It's hard to know if Keating can ever really make these figures a reality but a modified TKR has been recorded at California's El Mirage Lake making 260.1mph, so there's clearly some substance behind the bold claims. Keating's next model was released in 2011, the ZKR, which was something of an anti-climax in comparison. With a relatively modest 650bhp, Keating still claimed a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds.

The Bolt supercar

The next Keating production was the Bolt three years ago, with a purported output ranging from 640bhp to 2,500bhp. It used the same GM engine and posted a 990kg kerb weight, so performance is pretty much guaranteed. According to Keating, the Bolt could achieve 340mph but the car was not well received, with disparaging comments relating to the finish and a lack of modern technology. In the end Keating didn't see the Bolt through to production, although the car is reportedly due to be sold in the USA and is included on the company website's products list.

The Bolt is priced from about £200,000 up to £500,000 depending upon options. Upon acceleration a supercharger kicks in, adding plenty of power but also increasing fuel consumption from about 30mpg to less than 1mpg. At full throttle it only takes the Bolt nine minutes to use a full tank of fuel.

So the Berus is the brand's next major launch and is due to make its public debut in April next year at the Top Marques Monaco event.

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