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James Bond Hooks Up With JLR

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Since the release of the second Bond film, 'Goldfinger,' in 1964, British secret agent James Bond has been synonymous with Aston Martin, driving a glorious battleship grey DB5, which has seen a number of appearances throughout the series. Filmic Bond has taken the wheel of various other Astons during the series, including a V8 Vantage, a V12 Vanquish and a DBS, but none has become as iconic as the original DB5. It's one of Bond's longest standing relationships!

Along the way, Bond has also famously taken a spin in a Lotus Esprit, a Citroen 2CV, a Ford Mondeo, plus an ill judged link up with BMW during the Pierce Brosnan years. However, the last Bond film, 'Skyfall,' in 2012, saw a notable appearance from a Land Rover Defender, wielded with brutal aggression by Bond's sidekick, Moneypenny, through the streets of Istanbul.

The 24th Bond film, 'Spectre,' is due to be released next month and appears to be rammed with Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. The company has provided a wonderful array of fascinating vehicles for the film from its Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar brands. The Frankfurt Motor Show opened this week with a high octane, celebrity filled event, celebrating the new relationship - and introducing Jaguar's new F-Pace SUV.

Stars of the film - both human and automotive - made appearances at the Frankfurt event, including Naomie Harris, who plays Moneypenny, and David Bautista, who plays Bond villain, Hinx, in 'Spectre'. He drives the Jaguar C-X75 in the film, a car introduced as a concept in 2012 and which sadly never made it to production status. It will, no doubt, become most memorable for a typically bombastic James Bond film chase scene through Rome and along the banks of the Tiber river. Formula One race team, Williams, built the prototype C-X75 concept for Jaguar and recreated six examples of the car in burnt orange to be used for filming.

Another spectacular chase scene takes place in Austria and sees a Land Rover Defender Bigfoot battling it out through the snow with a Range Rover Sport SVR. These vehicles were bespoke creations for the film by the JLR SVO - Special Vehicle Operations division. The Defenders got extra body protection and 37 inch tyres to cope with the rough treatment given to them during filming.

It appears that JOR and Eon Productions, creators of the films, are planning a long term relationship, into which JLR has thrown itself with gusto. The firm's MD, John Edwards, commented in Frankfurt on the powerful marketing opportunities provided by appearances in such a famous film series. JLR was in close communication with the film's producers from the early stages of production and the vehicles used were specially created - even the C-X75's distinctive orange paint job was unique to 'Spectre.'

Purists need not despair, however, as James Bond will still be using an Aston Martin in 'Spectre,' another bespoke creation but this time a stand-alone model destined only for the film. The two door coupe Aston Martin DB10 was unveiled last December and will be the principal car in the film. Ten units were built and powered by AMG 5.5 litre V8s and 6 litre turbos. 'Spectre' producer, Sam Mendes, worked closely with Aston Martin on the DB10's development and while the car will never go into production, according to Aston, the DB10 does preview the firm's future design plans. Excitement is mounting for the film's release and JLR will no doubt take advantage of the ready-made publicity to flash its cars around - and why not?

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