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Jaguar to build its first ever pure electric car

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Jaguar I-pace

Jaguar set to take on Tesla with the company’s first totally electric vehicle, the I-Pace

Jaguar has revealed its concept I-Pace electric car, confirming that the company is set to manufacture its first ever electric vehicle. The LA motor show played host to the debut of the I-Pace Concept and it now looks destined to go on to become Jaguar’s first pure EV. It will be an SUV to take on the new Tesla Model X.

The new car looks set to have a range of as much as 310 miles from one charge and it should be able to sprint from zero to 62mph in around four seconds. This means that it will be able to take on some of the fastest sports cars around in terms of its acceleration capabilities.

The I-Pace is an all-wheel-drive vehicle which makes use of two electric motors to create almost 400bhp, together with 516lb ft of torque. It is powered using a lithium-ion 90kWh battery pack and Jaguar claims that it will offer ‘driving dynamics’ that are both ‘precise’ and ‘agile’ to deliver an experience that hasn’t been seen before in an electric vehicle.

Customers to register interest in I-Pace

Despite its ground-breaking claims in relation to the I-Pace’s design and capabilities, Jaguar is following an example set by Tesla with its Model3 electric car by inviting potential buyers to go to its website to register interest in the I-Pace. Using a similar initiative, Tesla managed to secure over 400,000 Model 3 pre-orders, even though this model will not start to be delivered until the close of next year.

The five-seat Jaguar SUV is set to go on sale in 2018. Jaguar claims that it was created thanks to the company’s engineering and design teams ignoring previous rules to combine a dramatic design with a ‘bespoke electric architecture’.

Jaguar’s design director, Ian Callum, said that the I-Pace concept car represents electric vehicle design’s ‘next generation’. He said that the car combines a ‘beautiful interior’ with a striking exterior’, both of which come as a result of the Jaguar company’s commitment to contemporary craftsmanship and electric technology.

He added that premium materials were used to finish off the I-Pace Concept’s interior and the car boasts exceptional attention to detail, from its sporting seats to its panoramic glass roof. Callum talked of the best of British craftsmanship being used in the creation of the I-Pace, together with digital craftsmanship to offer two touchscreens to enhance the driving experience whilst providing information in a timely manner and limiting distraction for the driver.

The practicalities of the electric Jaguar

Jaguar claims that a 50 KW DC charger can offer a rapid charge in a little over two hours to produce a minimum range of 220miles and a maximum of 310 miles for the I-Pace. Another potential advantage of the I-Pace is that its small batteries allow it to be unusually roomy when compared to other vehicles.

There is room for five people and because its batteries are positioned under the floor and its electric motors take up far less room than a traditional combustion engine, the I-Pace can offer more interior space than the recently launched Jaguar F-Pace SUV even though it is not as large on the outside. The I-Pace even offers 530 litres of boot space and more under the car’s bonnet.

The batteries in the car’s base also ensure that the centre of gravity is kept low which will improve handling, suggesting that Jaguar’s claim of offering agile driving dynamics could well be true.

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