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Jaguar may produce all-electric F-Pace SUV

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The Jaguar F-Pace may get an electric overhaul in the near future, according to industry sources.

The Jaguar F-Pace is the first compact SUV cross-over to wear the badge of this respected British brand. And when it goes on sale next year it is hotly tipped to be one of the biggest sellers in the luxury segment of this popular car category. So it is little surprise that Jaguar is already thought to be preparing to expand the range and capitalise on the attention it is receiving.

Sources quoted by Automobile Magazine have intensified speculation around the Jaguar F-Pace range in the past week with the news that Jaguar is planning an electric version of this SUV called the E-Pace, eschewing the combustion engine altogether in favour of an electric motor and on-board batteries. The E-Pace would therefore go further than hybrid SUVs and actually offer buyers the opportunity to pick up a spacious, sporty vehicle which produces zero emissions.

The sources that have fuelled the speculation are alleged to work for JLR itself, indicating that the rumours are likely to be accurate. And with rival electric SUVs such as Audi’s Q6 E-tron making an appearance at motor shows in the past 12 months, Jaguar’s own equivalent model will not be entering the market unchallenged, if and when it arrives.

The road to an electric make-over

The challenges involved in building an electric car are significant, even with the developments in motor and battery technology that have occurred in recent years. And while Jaguar could snap up components from rival manufacturers to accelerate the creation of the E-Pace, it seems more likely that it will keep all of the work in-house. In fact the sources claim that this is indeed the case and in order to actually make money on this model it will need to sell 20,000 units a year following its launch.

Insiders believe that the E-Pace will be put into production at a factory in Austria, with the design based closely on that of the F-Pace itself. This will mean that in addition to looking stylish and desirable, it will benefit from impressive dynamic properties that should reduce drag and increase the available range.

An all-electric compact SUV crossover with Jaguar’s prestigious badge on the grill will definitely serve to draw even more attention to the F-Pace range. And JLR has already shown that it can champion this particular segment of the market with the traditionally-powered Range Rover Evoque range.

F-Pace potential

Those who are not willing to wait for the E-Pace to arrive will have a choice of petrol and diesel-powered F-Pace models, the least powerful of which will be a 2.0 litre diesel power plant with 178bhp under the bonnet. Meanwhile the top tier V6 petrol engine will be equipped with a supercharger and develop no less than 375bhp.

Interestingly, the first wave of F-Pace SUVs will probably be getting even more efficient in the future, irrespective as whether or not the E-Pace does emerge from the shadows. This is due to the fact that JLR is currently developing new petrol and diesel engines that dispense with the V6 set-up in favour of an inline-six formation.

In addition to lowering fuel consumption and reducing harmful emissions, these engines should weigh less than their outgoing counterparts. The most powerful of the lot will pack 500bhp, while even the base model diesel will have an output of an estimated 275hp, giving cars across the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges the opportunity to shine in the coming years.

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