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Jaguar F-TYPE: is it the new E-Type?

By raccars Published

Jaguar made only fleeting reference to the famous E-type during the launch of the F-type. It didn't need to. We all knew this was the new E-type, finally arriving almost four decades after the Jaguar legend went out of production.

But it’s not just the name that links this car to the E-type. Its entire approach is one that draws striking parallels with one of the world’s most famous sportscars - and not just the fact it has a long bonnet, two-seat interior, powerful engines and spirited performance.

See, what made the E-type such an icon was its price. In 1961, it cost just over £2000 – the equivalent of £40,000 today. A Porsche 911 cost about 50% more. The car’s price was extraordinarily accessible for such an exotic 150mph car, which is how Jaguar was quickly able to start selling so many.

In all, more than 70,000 E-type were sold. Its affordability was key to this – exotica without the sticker price.

The Jaguar F-type continues this tradition. Prices start at £58,500. By today’s sportscar standards, that’s impressive value. The range-best V6 S is £67,500. Incredibly, the range-topping V8 S costs less than the very cheapest Porsche 911 Cabriolet!

In some ways, then, it’s a sportscar bargain, offering near-supercar performance for half the price.

It’s also unlikely to breed the sort of envy some other sportscars do. Everyone should love the F-type, and be happy to admire it, just as the E-type always caused a stir back in the 1960s. It’s a British car Britain can be proud of.

That many of us may just be able to buy one with a little saving makes the idea even more alluring. It’s tantalizingly accessible.

This is why it’s so significant, and this is why it’s set to do today just what the E-type did all those years ago. It’s the most democratic supercar on the market, one of the fastest, one of the prettiest and certainly one of the most desirable.

Is the Jaguar F-type the new E-type? Absolutely – and we should all celebrate the fact it so convincingly is.

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