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Jaguar Accused Of Irresponsible Advertising

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The Advertising Standards Authority has banned four Jaguar adverts, which it claims glorify driving at high speed. The advertising watchdog believes the adverts risk encouraging dangerous driving and are 'irresponsible.'

The adverts were being shown on the Jaguar website and features the cars speeding through a Swiss tunnel and straying over the unbroken white line in the road. Other scenes showed cars driving at speed over mountain roads and open landscapes while extolling the virtues of the brand's new adaptive dynamics technology.

The ASA investigated the adverts in response to a viewer complaint and came to the conclusion that the high tempo background music, images of blurred lines and exaggerated sound of revving engines, placed an inappropriate emphasis on speed and acceleration. The watchdog was concerned that speed and risky driving was the main message of the series of adverts, rather than the quality or luxurious features of the cars. It also noted that it would be illegal to drive in the same style on public roads in the UK and such behaviour should not be condoned.

Jaguar made an attempt to appease critics by placing a caption on the screen, stating that filming had taken place with professional drivers on closed roads and assuring viewers that local speed limits were obeyed at all times, but the ASA considered that this wasn't a sufficient response to the concerns raised. Jaguar was told that the adverts must no longer be played in their existing form and to avoid focusing on speed and dangerous driving in future advertising.

Jaguar has recently begun an A-list commercial campaign featuring British actors, Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddlestone and Mark Strong, using Hollywood's propensity for hiring Brits to play villains to highlight the new tagline and the brand's English heritage. However, as the marque's new advertising slogan is 'It's good to be bad' and the firm has just introduced a new model that's faster and more powerful than any of its previous production cars, the advert withdrawal fits that message very well and could, in fact, be a boost to the firm's current marketing campaign.

The £140,000 F-Type 'Project 7' is capable of going from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 186mph. The limited edition two seater is a blend of luxury roadster and super sports car and is the first vehicle to be made by the firm's recently opened 'Special Vehicle Operations' branch. Only 250 examples will be built.

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