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It's official: Nissan drivers have the best personalities

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Cambridge University research suggests that Nissan drivers are the most likeable and loyal. Why?

If you're wondering what sort of first impression you make on other people, it might be worth looking at what your car is saying about your personality. Cambridge University has been using the most up-to-date personality profiling techniques as part of a project examining what your car says about you.

The research suggests that Nissan drivers are absolutely lovely, with a habit of putting other people's needs above their own and an interest in social justice and economic welfare. Nissan drivers were profiled as the most loyal, generous, sympathetic and friendly people on the road.

Take a BMW on a first date

On the other hand, alternative research looking for the best car to drive to make a good impression on a first date has pinpointed the [BMW 3 Series](http://www.raccars.co.uk/used-bmw/3 Series/), suggesting refined but modest good taste. A 3 Series indicates financial stability rather than wealth and makes a good first impression in 94 per cent of encounters.

The #Mercedes-Benz C-Class creates a similarly favourable impression, as does the Audi TT. The Toyota Yaris is a very different kind of car but inspires the same kind of confidence, as does the dependable Volkswagen Golf. No mention was made of how a person behaves on a first date as being a key factor apart from suggesting that a smile can go a long way...

But avoid the Vauxhall Astra...

The Vauxhall Astra took up an unfortunate place at the other end of the scale, making a good first impression in less than half of encounters. 43 per cent of people surveyed felt that a Vauxhall Astra made a poor impression. The Ford Mondeo was another car to avoid on first dates, together with the Honda Civic and the Ford Fiesta.

Earlier research along the same lines has suggested that estate cars are a no-no for first dates creating an unwelcome impression of domesticity at such an early stage in proceedings. Younger drivers are more easily swayed by what a car says about its driver than older people. Women can be won over by limousines and prestige cars but men tend to be impressed by sporty performance.

It's probably worth bearing in mind that very few cars in the world could make up for the absence of first date basics such as impeccable personal hygiene and good manners!

Keep it clean and fresh smelling, and don't cut anyone up...

However it's not just the car itself but also how it is looked after and driven that creates an impression on other people. Apparently half of survey respondents were impressed by a tidy, well-kept vehicle interior; more than a third could be won over by smart driving skills; and 30 per cent appreciated a fresh smelling car.

Do you love your car more than your partner?

Another poll of 2,000 people suggests that we are placing considerable emotional importance on our cars, with three quarters of car owners claiming an emotional connection to their vehicle. 64 per cent of survey respondents even went so far as to call their car a family member.

Almost a fifth of the men replying to the poll compared their feelings for their car to their feelings for their partner. It seems that people do indeed consider cars when planning romantic strategy, as the sale of personalised registration plates for a partner sees a spike just before Valentine's Day. The ratio of people buying personalised plates or a gift voucher for the same is about evenly split between men and women.

However more than half of us don't feel comfortable allowing our partners to drive our cars, and 7 per cent wouldn't allow anyone else behind the wheel. We're a possessive lot!

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