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It Is Looking Sporty For 2015

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Sports car sales naturally suffer when wallets become squeezed, yet the performance car market seems surprisingly unaffected by the ever increasing cost of motoring in the UK. They're more expensive to own and run than ever, but buyers are still hot for a bit of speed. Some of the most exciting new metal on the way this year is of the sports car variety, including Mini's most powerful model ever and a convertible Spider version of the stunning Alfa Romeo 4C.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

The demise of the SLS supercar was greeted by much head shaking and sad faces - until the market caught a glimpse of its replacement. The AMG GT is even sleeker and sportier than its predecessor, with 510bhp under the bonnet and the performance and style to make even the mighty Porsche 911 sit up and take note.

Mazda MX-5

Like an AMG GT for the man in the street, Mazda's super successful and popular roadster is making a very welcome return. 1.5 and 2.0 litre petrol engines won't see the MX-5 taking on any supercars at the lights, but this little two seater has always been about the entertainment. Mazda has barely put a foot wrong, with a million MX-5s sold over 25 years, so expectations are high for the new generation.

VW Golf R Estate

Not your average sports car, the Golf R Estate has the power to shock. It's thoroughly sensible and practical with a 605 litre boot and room for five adults to travel in comfort, yet comes with 300bhp to play with, allied to four wheel drive. This model could make the hot hatch start to look rather redundant...

Lexus RC F

In its constant quest to keep up with BMW, Audi and Mercedes, Lexus has come up with a very interesting super coupe. The RC F is less polished than its rivals but has bags of personality and a glorious 5.0 litre V8. If you're looking for a change from the usual suspects, there's lots of fun to be had here.

Honda NSX

One to leave petrolheads rubbing their hands together with glee, Honda's new NSX will give any supercar a run for its money. The newest version will boast a hybrid powertrain, a dual clutch transmission and a sexy looking silhouette. So eagerly anticipated is the NSX that the planned production run has sold out already, so those desperate to get their hands on one will be looking at some very hefty second hand prices.

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