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Insurers Confirm They Will Accept Dashboard Camera Footage As Evidence

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Dashboard cameras, or dashcams, have until recently been something of a grey area in insurance terms. Some companies had accepted footage from the cameras as evidence to back up the stories of customers making claims, but the devices had no legal status. However, after a survey by a dashcam manufacturer, it has been confirmed that the 29 biggest insurers in the UK do accept films of road incidents captured on dashboard cameras as evidence.

The small cameras can be placed on car dashboards, facing the windscreen to capture a similar view of the road to the driver. They are easy to install yourself and cost from £50 to buy. The cameras are connected to your car's electrics and start up automatically with your ignition.

The survey, which contacted 29 major insurers to ask them their position on dashcam footage as evidence, suggests that the benefits of filmed evidence can be very useful to insurers trying to fight 'crash for cash' fraud schemes, which are costing the industry up to £1 billion every year. RAC Insurance director, Mark Godfrey, suggests that dashcams can also protect motorists against unfair decisions by insurers after accidents with fraudsters.

The provision of dashcam footage can also streamline the claims process and provide more reliable evidence than witnesses, according to Nextbase. This can help insurance companies to cut the costs associated with processing a claim.

Research shows that sales of dashboard cameras have increased by 918% in the last 12 months. Market research firm, GfK, claims that this is in part due to their wide availability in high street stores. From a driver's point of view, dashboard camera footage can be the easiest way to prove who was at fault in an accident. For these reasons, insurers are also beginning to offer discounts to drivers who install dashcams.

Some insurance companies are are offering discounts of 12.5-15%, averaging £54 off, for new policyholders who install a dashboard cameras. Motorists should make sure any dashboard camera they install is from a insurer approved manufacturer.

Motoring organisations are welcoming the news carefully, pointing out that while dashcams can be very helpful in some circumstances, they don't always capture the full picture. They claim that human witness evidence is able to give a more complete account of events. There is also some concern that car thieves could be encouraged by the obvious presence of a camera, clearly visible in the windscreen.

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