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IAM Creates Guidelines For Government

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The Institute of Advanced Motorists believes the next Government needs to prioritise road safety and has issued a set of priorities it feels need to be attended to. The IAM hopes that after the results of the General Election next month, whichever Government is in power will use its blueprint to make improvements in road safety.

The IAM's main concern is the proliferation of in car technology, which it believes is distracting drivers from the road. As cars grow more and more connected to the outside world, they become battlegrounds for driver attention. While manufacturers have worked hard on ensuring that connective technology is hands free to enable drivers to interact while maintaining full control of the car, the IAM believes that mental distraction remains a danger.

The Institute would like the Government to take note of guidelines issued in the US in 2013, where car manufacturers were encouraged to make technology less distracting. These include ensuring no task should see drivers needing to take their eyes from the road for more than two seconds.

The IAM has also advised the Government to prioritise the completion of a long delayed green paper on younger drivers, such as the introduction of a graduated licence scheme, to ensure young drivers have time to gain experience in a number of different driving situations before being given full freedom on the road.

Furthermore, the IAM's blueprint for road safety calls for road safety targets to be reinstated and the implementation of driver risk management schemes. The Institute believes companies need incentives to encourage safe driving practices.

A fourth issue was assessing the fitness of elderly drivers to remain on the road. The IAM doesn't support compulsory testing but recommends a programme of voluntary assessment and increased advice and support for older drivers, which should include involving GPs.

By issuing its guidelines, the IAM hopes to make road safety a greater priority for the next Government, claiming that none of the party manifestos for the election has made the issue a feature. The charity believes that an issue which is the principle cause of death in the 5-19 age group in England and Wales, and the third main cause of death in the 20-34 age group, should be given more attention. Only the Green Party devoted significant space in its manifesto to road safety, focusing on reducing the drink driving limit and speed limits.

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