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Hyundai i30 Tourer Undergoes Playground Testing

By raccars Published

Hyundai has, for the second time, taken a rather unusual route to prove the robust, family friendly properties of its i30 Tourer – by unleashing a playground full of children on it with instructions to do their worst...

Last summer, Hyundai sent one of its i30 hatchbacks to Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside, to enlist the aid of 40 baboons to test the car's durability. The park's baboon enclosure is notorious for leaving cars in a sorry state, but i30 spent 10 hours being abused by the primates and more than lived up to expectations by surviving the ordeal almost unscathed.

This summer, Hyundai used a similar testing programme on the estate version of the i30, to show just how suitable a vehicle it is for families, how robust the paintwork is and how durable all the fittings are. The i30 Tourer was taken to Holmer Green School in Buckinghamshire and set upon by 25 children between the ages of 4-10.

Asked pre-test, the 'junior scientists' were impressed with the stylishness and spaciousness of the Hyundai i30. The children then performed their standard vandalism and more: wearing muddy wellies while treating the seats as trampolines, using the interior as a miniature football pitch, squishing bananas into the upholstery, spreading crisps, ice lollies and juice all over the interior, fiddling with switchgear and even turning the boot floor into a makeshift beach, sand castles included. The exterior of the car didn't escape the test either, with mud and magnets being applied to the panelwork and the bonnet in particular functioning as a mud slide.

After six hours of carnage, the car was then given a good clean, inside and out, to show little if any lasting damage as a result of the playground experiment. Hyundai attributes the i30's durability to its focus during development on extra strength materials, wipe clean plastic surfaces and robust switchgear.

Hyundai is pitching the i30 at the Golf and Focus estate markets, campaigning on its comfort, practicality and value for money. It's a competent rather than exciting car, with the choice of two diesel engines, 1.6 litre units in 109 or 126bhp states of tune. Hyundai's generous Triple Care package gives the car an unlimited mileage warranty, roadside assistance and annual vehicle health checks for five years, which is a great incentive for new buyers, while weak residual values make it a good used buy. Running costs are low while crash safety tests resulted in a five star score.

It lags behind a little in glamour and performance, but the i30 makes a very practical alternative to more expensive rivals.

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