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How your car can improve your love life...

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Recent research has shown up Brits as a rather shallow lot, with a disturbing 57% of survey respondents claiming that they judge others by the car they drive, particularly how attractive they appear. Apparently, a smarter car is more likely to make someone of the opposite sex agree to go out with you, with women the worst culprits.

The survey by a leading online discount voucher company, questioned 1,993 people to discover how far a car as a status symbol affects a person's potential appeal to the opposite sex.

The 57% susceptible to 'car goggles,' not only judge a person's looks by their ride, but more than one in four of those use someone's car as a deciding factor when considering entering into a romantic relationship. However, it seems money is at the heart of the issue, with those polled admitting that they use the car someone drives to evaluate their financial status. A person's car is considered a signpost of their level of wealth and their attitude to spending and saving.

Thirty four per cent of survey participants admitted they don't like to be seen out in cars that could be classed as 'old bangers' and more than one in four enjoys being with a partner who drives a posh car.

Gender was a determining factor in the survey results, with an overwhelming majority of women in the group suffering from car snobbery. Almost 90% of those who judged attractiveness by car ownership were women, versus only 11% of men.

Fortunately for drivers of rustbuckets, further questioning revealed that it's not all about the wheels. While a potential date's ride might be taken into consideration, this was judged to be less important than the more traditional values of personality, appearance and a sense of humour. On the other hand, owning a nice car did come way above what a person does for a living, which was important to 21% of those questioned, confidence at 19%, intelligence at 17% and common interests, which bothered only 11% of survey respondents.

Ultimately, it seems owning a supercar isn't a weighty enough incentive to overcome serious personality defects, and those polled were prepared to overlook issues with car ownership for the right person.

What the survey did not tackle was the contentious issue of which cars are the ones to tug at the heartstrings of potential dates - after all, one man's pride and joy is another's automotive white elephant...

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