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How to get three child car seats in the back

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Audi Q7

What do you drive when you need to fit three child car seats in the back?

The obvious answer to large families' transportation needs is an MPV, but if you don't want to drive something quite that large you will find your choices are limited. Few cars are wide enough to comfortably fit three separate child car seats across the back row so you will need to test drive carefully.

Bear in mind that not only should you be careful about which car you buy but you should also pay attention to which car seat you choose. Clearly, safety and comfort have to be the priority for driving around with your little ones, but some car seats are much bulkier than others and some will fit more easily into a row of three than others.

The best and easiest way to use a child car seat is usually via Isofix attachment points. Most modern cars have at least two of these in the back seats but some very family friendly cars have three Isofix points. Again take care to test before buying - there may be three Isofix points but that doesn't necessarily mean three of the larger, bulkier child car seats will fix to them and you may have to consciously opt for more slimline options.

The best cars for three child car seats

Audi Q7

This is a hugely competent seven seater SUV which, helpfully, has Isofix anchor points available on all six passenger seats. The high riding body style of an SUV also makes loading children into and out of the car seats easier on your back, while a five star crash test rating from Euro NCAP is always reassuring in a family car.

Citroen C4 Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso

One of the best family cars on the market, the C4 Picasso is a neat and compact MPV with surprisingly chic looks. The standard five seater Picasso and the seven seater Grand Picasso both feature three Isofix mounting points in the second row of seats, while from the driver's point of view there's great visibility and impressive fuel economy.

VW Touran

Five Isofix points are available in the Touran but its stand-out feature as a family car is an excellent 89 per cent child occupant safety rating in Euro NCAP crash tests, making it one of the safest cars your children can travel in. Not only is the cabin spacious and comfortable for passengers, but there's also a generous boot.

Ford Galaxy

The Galaxy is as practical and spacious as a traditional seven seat MPV but feels pleasantly car-like to drive, compared to the boxy, van-like feel of some other cars in this segment. It is specifically designed to be family friendly, offering seven generous seats including three Isofix points in the middle row and plenty of boot space.

Ford S-Max

Ford also offers the slightly smaller S-Max with Isofix points three abreast in the middle row. You get slightly less space inside, but that shouldn't be a problem if you're mostly driving around with children rather than a full car of adults, but you also get the best driving dynamics in this class.

Tesla Model S

This electric super sports car is very far from the image of the average family car. It's sleek, modern and extremely clever. Not only are there three Isofix mounting points in the second row, there's also the option to add a couple of rear facing seats in the back. While these are only really comfortable for children, this is a smart way to combine the exigencies of family life with a yearning for exciting motoring - and all with a clean conscience! It's not cheap but the Model S offers 300 miles from a full charge and is road tax exempt. It also reaches 62mph within 5.7 seconds.

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