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How To Get The Maximum Value When Selling Your Car

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If you're trying to shift your car to replace it with a newer model, or if you simply want to get the best out of your existing car, there are a few things you can do to bring out the best in your chariot.

Deal with kerbing: few alloys manage to avoid kerb damage completely but it can ruin the look of a smart set of wheels. There are alloy repair services that can make your wheels look like new from about £65 apiece.

Repair dents and scratches: similarly, the odd scratch and dent is ubiquitous on any car of a certain age. Expensive repairs may not be repaid by a higher resale value but it's worth getting a quote for the work. Bumper scuffing could be fixed from about £120 and small dents repaired for £150. Getting anything particularly unsightly done could be worth your while, but don't worry about every tiny little mark.

Stone chips: a badly scarred bonnet, a common problem on sports cars, could put buyers off and even lead to corrosion. These can be repaired but you'll need to balance out the cost of doing so with the potential final resale price.

Interiors: making sure the car's interior looks its best should be obvious. Remove any rubbish cluttering up foot wells and door cards, hoover thoroughly throughout and use some cockpit cleaner all round. Shampoo upholstery where necessary. If your interior is in a very bad way it's probably worth investing in a professional valeting service.

Shine up the plastics: using a plastic restorer is a relatively cheap and easy way to make a big difference to the appearance of your car. Use sparingly, give a good rub, leave for a minute or two and then buff away. Give a quick pass on the tyre sidewalls too.

Replace missing bits: small details such as the caps in the centre of the alloys can be easily and cheaply replaced and could make your car look far better cared for. Give your car a quick check over and try to replace any missing switchgear or trim if you can.

Red tape: keep all your car's paperwork organised. Buyers will want to see an MOT certificate, service history and V5C or logbook. Keep any receipts for work done to show you've looked after the vehicle.

Clean the engine: it doesn't need to be spotless - an obvious steam clean can look like you have something to hide - but at least wipe away grease and oil.

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