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How To Buy a Car On a Bank Holiday

By raccars Published

Praise be – we’ve got a Bank Holiday weekend to enjoy. Three days off work and lots of potential to pack plenty into them. Visit the seaside, work in the garden, paint the living room…

Or buy a new car? Yes, seriously. Bank Holidays present a prime opportunity to search the classifieds and pick up a new motor.

Here’s how to bagyourself a shiny new Bank Holiday car…

Friday Night – Research

This is your research night. You’ll probably know what car or cars you want – now’s the time to go and search for them. Draw up a shortlist of motors to go and see – remember, because it’s a Bank Holiday, you can add a few more than you could ordinarily, because you have more time.

Saturday – Viewing

This is viewing day. Try and arrange a schedule with all the dealers so you can drive round from one to another. This is a great way to compare and contrast, and the commitment to a schedule means you’re less likely to buy on a whim.

If necessary, you should also make arrangements with your bank to make sure the cash is there for you to complete the purchase later in the weekend. Remember, they’re called Bank Holidays for a reason…

Sunday – Buying… but don’t rush it

This is where it gets serious. Chances are, if you've got a car or two with big red circles around them, you’ll probably buy a new car today. But don’t just go and seal the deal – today is your second viewing, and that means digging deep.

Check the car over thoroughly, take it for a lengthy test drive, go through all the paperwork, run all the checks. If you came up with any questions yesterday, now’s the time to get them answered. If there are two cars on your list, do this just as thoroughly with the second car too.

But remember, you have the luxury of an extra day. If you’re not sure, you don’t have to buy, because you still have time! This is why Bank Holidays are such a great time to buy a new car – you have time to make sure you get exactly the right car.

Monday – The ‘breather’ day

On the Bank Holiday itself, you’ll be in one of two positions – either possessing a new car, or boasting enough confidence in one you've already seen to go and do the deal to buy it. Bank Holidays take the pressure off and mean they can be used as rational assessment day – an important ‘breather’ day in the rush of buying a new car.

So, if you already have your new car, make sure you spend time back home checking over it thoroughly. With a toothcomb finer even than when you brought it.

Buying from an approved dealer means it’s not too late to get things sorted if you do find something wrong – more importantly, the time you spend looking over it is likely to give you more and more reassurance that you've made the right decision.

And if yesterday’s list-topping motor didn't turn out right? Today’s your second shot at finding your dream motor. With the added knowledge that if you don’t find one, the next weekend is just a few days away.

Yes, Bank Holiday car buying actually demonstrates great ‘Best Practice’ for buying a used car: follow a clear process, be strict with yourself and take your time.

Best of all, it’s a Bank Holiday activity that will keep you entertained, get you out and about and, if you do it right, not cost you a small fortune… enjoy!

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