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How To Appeal A Parking Ticket

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The cost of motoring is already high enough without having to pay out for parking tickets. British drivers receive millions of parking tickets every year and most of these drivers are resigned to simply paying up; however, a small number of drivers successfully contest their tickets and there is growing evidence that many others could do the same.

The success rate for parking ticket appeals is about 65%, with some councils simply cancelling the fine upon receiving the appeal. Other councils may try to fight back, but overall the chance that a fine will be withdrawn upon appeal is good. If you have received a parking fine that you think is unfair, here is how to go about making an appeal.

Upon receipt of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), otherwise known as a parking ticket, you have 14 days to pay to receive a 50% discount on the fine. Fines vary according to the offence; for example, a parking fine might cost £120, which would be reduced to £60 for prompt payment. If you want to appeal your PCN, the first step is to write a letter to the local authority issuing the ticket to explain the grounds for your challenge. Bear in mind that this process is likely to take more than 14 days; therefore, if the appeal is refused, you will lose your chance to pay the fine at the reduced rate. You can ask the council to freeze the fine until the appeal is resolved, but it is under no obligation to do this. Unless you are sure your appeal will succeed, it is probably a good idea to pay up at the lower rate.

If the local authority accepts the challenge to the fine as set out in your letter, the PCN will be withdrawn; however, it could reject your appeal, in which case you will receive a Notice to Owner document to enable you to make a formal representation. Here you once again outline your reason for challenging the fine. Again at this point the fine could be withdrawn or your case could be rejected ? if so, you will be notified and sent an Appeal Notice.

At this point your appeal must be lodged with the independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal in London within 28 days. The appeal can be made by post or you can appear in person to fight your case, which can be effective as the council is unlikely to appear against you to defend itself.

If the tribunal's decision goes against you, the original fine will be subject to a 50% increase.

When Can You Contest Your Parking Ticket?

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