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How Not To Invalidate Your Car Insurance

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Accidents will happen - that's what insurance is for. However, there are a number of silly things you can do that have the unfortunate effect of invalidating your car insurance.

Attempting to drive through a flood

Last winter's heavy rain saw roadside rescue organisations rushed off their feet, coming to the aid of unfortunate (or plain stupid...) motorists who had attempted to drive through non-negotiable flood waters. If you try and drive through an area of flooding without knowing how deep it is or if there are obstacles in the way and you get stuck, your insurance company could refuse any claim on the grounds of 'gross negligence.'

Passing a 'road closed' sign

You may think a 'road closed' sign is unnecessary and that you're perfectly capable of negotiating the snowdrift or other obstacle ahead. However, driving past a ' closed' sign can negate your insurance.


Even if your modifications are strictly aesthetic and don't affect your car's performance, you must inform your insurer of any deviation from the standard specification. Insurers can legitimately withhold pay outs for uninformed modifications.

Lying to reduce your premium

Everyone wants the cheapest insurance premium they can find but telling lies about your circumstances when getting quotes can get you into trouble. If you have lied about who is the main driver of a car, given a different address for where the car is kept or given a lower mileage figure than you realistically drive and your insurer finds out, your policy will be invalid. The same applies to how you use your car. If you use it for work but have claimed only social, domestic and pleasure use, you may not be covered for an accident.

Losing your keys

It shouldn't need to be said but never leave your keys in the ignition. Whether you simply forget to remove them or you have left your car running on the drive to defrost it on a cold winter's morning, you are making a gift of your car to thieves and your insurer will be within their rights to withhold a pay out.

Becoming a taxi

Accepting financial remuneration for giving lifts effectively turns you into a taxi driver and invalidates your standard insurance. Lifts to friends must be given for free.

Maintain your car

Ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law. If your car is found to be less than roadworthy in the event of a crash, your insurance could be deemed invalid, so check your tyres, windscreen wipers, lights etc. regularly.

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