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How Much Does Your Parking Permit Cost?

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A new postcode lottery scandal is rearing its ugly head, focused upon the discrepancy in local authority charges for resident parking permits. It seems some local councils are giving residents free parking permits whereas others are charging residents as much as £750, annually, to park outside their homes.

Not only are there variations between councils but also within local authority areas, with some residents paying £97 more to park than others living nearby.

Insurance firm, Churchill, carried out research on 433 local authorities, showing that a third of councils apply resident parking charges within a range, and one in seven local authorities gives residents parking permits free of charge. The average cost of a resident parking permit in Britain is £59, but the highest charges in the country come from Manchester City Council and Birmingham City Council, at £750 per annum - 12 times higher.

London residents will be pleasantly surprised to find that charges in the capital are relatively reasonable, with the London Borough of Islington's £434 the highest in the city - although electric car owners get free parking. On the other hand, residents of the South Ayrshire Council area of Scotland get away with paying only 50p per year to park outside their homes. Also in Scotland, West Dunbarton residents receive their parking permits free of charge.

Among the variables within a council area's parking charges are zone tariffs, depending on whereabouts in the borough you live. For example, while residents of Birmingham city centre are charged £750 by the local authority, residents who live in outer parts of the borough are charged only £16 for a permit. The price for multiple permits also varies considerably. Residents of Daventry District Council area pay £17 for one parking permit, but any additional permits cost £288 each. In the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the first parking permit costs £60, including a discount for 'greener vehicles', but an additional permit costs £497.

The top ten most expensive resident parking permits in the UK start with Manchester City and Birmingham City Councils, joint first at £750 per annum, followed by Islington at £434, Mole Valley Council at £350, City of Edinburgh at £280, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council at £275, London Borough of Hackney at £265, London Borough of Lambeth at £260, while City of Glasgow, Sevenoaks and Forest Heath District Councils share joint ninth place, at £250.

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