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How Much Did That Cost?

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Car ownership is never cheap, even if you go for the bargain brands and cover very little mileage. On the other hand, some cars are ostentatiously expensive. The following all look impressive and were prices out of your reach when new, but second hand, they are surprisingly affordable and will gain you plenty of envious glances.

Bentley Continental GT

Live like a premiership footballer in a £140,000 Bentley - for about £25,000. Yes, you can find used examples for that amount, but expect astronomical running costs at 16.5mpg. However, it will get you from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds and project a certain image - although you may find it harder to find the matching supermodel girlfriend...

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

The decade old Aston has lost none of its looks, and crushing depreciation means they're now available from £30,000. Like the Bentley, you'll need plenty of cash to keep it on the road, but you may be content just to leave it on the driveway and gaze upon its beauty.

Range Rover

Brand new, you're looking at £70,000-ish, but the previous models don't look dramatically different from earlier versions. The V8 is the one to have, but drinks petrol like an alcoholic let loose in Oddbins. The diesel version is a more sensible prospect and 2006 models are very affordable, at £12,000.

Citroen DS5

Citroen's flagship saloon doesn't carry the cachet of a premium German badge but, as a used buyer, this works in your favour. New, the cost can easily pass £30,000 but thanks to depreciation you only need to spend about £12,000 to get into a two year old model. It's also an interesting alternative to the usual suspects.

BMW 7 Series

The 2001 generation 7 Series still looks and smells expensive today. A high mileage diesel could get you change from £5,000 but the V8 petrols are the ones you want. That way you'll get punchy performance along with a very plush interior. A full service history is essential, as these were popular with taxi drivers.


The X5 took posh SUV ownership to the masses and was a huge hit for BMW. They're opulent and capable and more flexible than a saloon. Released in 2001, early examples are going for £3,000 now, but it's worth spending a little more.

Porsche 911

The 996 version of the 911 is about as cheap now as it's ever going to get, so you'll not only look smooth but are likely to make a bit of money on it too. £10,000 will get you a fairly high mileage 3.4 litre Carrera.

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