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How Car Dealers Can Keep Customers Happy

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Auto Express magazine's 2015 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey named Lexus as the best dealership in the UK, but what is it doing right? What separates a good garage from a bad one and what do other garages need to do to make sure their customers are satisfied?


With a 93.56% customer satisfaction rating, Lexus is regularly rated the best dealership in these surveys. Lexus owners particularly appreciate the brand's showroom experience and the only category in which the brand falls slightly behind is value for money - with premium brand aspirations, you can't really expect Lexus to be cheap. Customers have explained that when they go to a Lexus showroom, they are made comfortable and offered refreshments and Wi-Fi access. They were also impressed by the way staff remember them. If there was any complaint to be made it's that phone calls can go unanswered.


The UK's second best dealership scored 91.44%, thanks to its high standard of work, helpful staff and clean showrooms. Customers commented that staff are happy to go out of their way to take care of them and the only real gripe was a failure to identify faults.


With 90.91% Jaguar is in third place, up four spots from last year's seventh. Unfortunately, Jaguar scored very badly in the value for money category or it would have taken the second place easily. It seems that not only are Jaguar owners very happy with their cars but they are also full of praise for the dealer network's staff. Again, there were some complaints about a failure to identify faults.


Honda was very close behind with 90.65%, showing a drop in customer satisfaction from last year. However, the Japanese firm's performance was steady across the board, let down only by the high cost or repairs. The network's friendly staff somewhat mitigate the effect of what's becoming a very familiar complaint: once again that difficulty in identifying faults.


Peugeot shot up the customer satisfaction chart by 17 places last year and another four places this year into fifth, with a rating of 90.2%. Clearly, the French brand has realised the importance of a good showroom experience to customers and has made efforts to smarten up its facilities and the manners of its staff. No particular problems were identified with Peugeot's service and if it continues this level of performance, expect to see Peugeot even higher up the customer satisfaction chart next year.

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