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Hot ST Becomes Worldwide Car for Ford

By raccars Published

Ford’s desire to build a car that can work worldwide has finally become a reality with the new Focus ST. It will be sold, as a hot-hatch, in 40 countries and with a 2.0-litre 247bhp EcoBoost engine under the bonnet, chances are it’s going to sell quite well.

“This is the car that performance Ford fans across the world have been waiting for,” said Mark Ovendon, Ford Britain managing director.

“Our engineers have worked hard to make sure drivers will experience the true essence of what the ST badge represents – in Britain, or any of the 40 countries where this global performance car will be sold.”

What Ford has done is created a car that visually and technologically appeals to as many countries as possible. It’s a tough one to pull off, but if it works – which it probably will – Ford will be quids in and we could well end up with a new RS.

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