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Hot Fuzz - Dubai Police Cars

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The Dubai police force's latest acquisitions are breathtaking, but probably more designed for posing than catching criminals. However there are a number of vehicles being used as police cars that could have completely changed the Smokey & the Bandit films' storylines.

Take for example the Dubai boys in blue's Aston Martin One-77, so called due to its limited production run of 77 units. Fleeing criminals will have to top 200mph to escape justice from this beast, which will require speeding ticket income to the tune of $2 million to break even. The Aston joins an existing fleet of a Nissan GT-R, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari FF reserved strictly for the force's female officers.

The arm of the law is also very long in Italy, where state police have been the gleeful recipients of no less than three Lamborghini Gallardos. The latest was a Gallardo LP560-4 boasting various policing essentials including an onboard defibrillator and a top speed of 203mph. However the LP560-4 only lasted a year on the force before meeting its sad demise, unable to keep pace with Italian policing style. The polizia di stato is also the proud owner of a Fiat 500 Abarth which, although lacking the considerable road presence of a Lambo is certainly more entertaining for bombing around piazzas than a Ford Focus...

Indeed the UK's equivalent of a police force supercar is just that, a Ford Focus ST. While it's not quite up to Dubai or Italian standards, it will get up to 154mph and is a significant criminal apprehending step up from the usual Volvos and Vauxhalls.

In 2006 Dutch police were lucky enough to get the use of their only significant domestic supercar, a Spyker C8 Spyder, decked out in the local livery, while the gendarmes of France are taking patriotic patronage to a whole new level with the use of Renault's electric concept car the Twizy. With 17bhp, the EV is restricted to patrolling the streets of Paris and calling for back up at the first sign of trouble.

Australian police in New South Wales are looking good in a manufacturer donated Porsche Panamera, which is more for show than to keep speeding criminals in check, being powered by a very average V6 unit. US Smokeys have also been the recipients of manufacturer largesse, patrolling Michigan's Bloomfield Hills in a 556bhp Cadillac CTS-V in full police livery – and this time it's the real thing.

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