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Honda Plans Ahead For NSX Launch

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Such is the anticipation for Honda's new NSX that pre-ordering has already begun on the car, even though it's not due to be released for another two years! Keen buyers will have to lay down a deposit of £5,000 to make sure they are the first to take the wheel of this futuristic looking sports car.

The previous, much-missed NSX was a cult classic and the updated version looks set to make a similar impact. While a number of manufacturers have since tried to fit supercar performance into a more practical and affordable mass market package, the 1990-2005 NSX was one of the first to embody that idea. The original Honda NSX didn't swing an axe through auto industry conventions exactly, but it was a niche market success and opened the door to a higher level of driving experience for the man in the street. In a case of history repeating, the original NSX also received 25 pre-orders in the year preceding its launch.

Originally shown as a concept at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show, the NSX is wide, low-slung and determinedly driver-centric. Behind the wheel visibility is excellent and to avoid distractions, the fascia has been cleared of all switchgear as much as possible, with controls accessed via a touchscreen interface, situated above the centre console.

A tuned, centre-mounted V6 with direct injection is aided by electric motors to the front wheels, all of which is handled by Honda's SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) for sports hybrids and a seven-speed twin clutch gearbox. Staying true to the spirit of the original NSX, which was the first aluminium sports car, the new version prioritises power to weight ratio for superior handling and efficiency, with that mid-mounted engine and battery pack giving awesome control while cornering.

Again in the style of the original, the new NSX boasts head-turning looks that aren't guaranteed to please everyone but stop just the right side of vulgar. The sharp, shark-like front end leads back to a substantial flying buttress at the rear, all honed but not angular. The cabin, too, displays some rock-star detailing but is refined enough to appeal to those who've outgrown boy racer status.

At the moment, that 2012 Detroit appearance gives us the best information we have about the new NSX, which is yet likely to undergo some changes before making its way onto the production line, but this isn't deterring eager buyers looking forward to a special delivery in 2015.

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