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Highlights Of The Shanghai Motor Show 2013

By raccars Published

As the biggest and most exciting Shanghai Motor Show yet draws to a close, notable trends were SUV crossovers, with copious examples on show, plus a number of China-centric models that might, hopefully, make their way to Britain at some point.

Here are some of the show's highlights:

BMW X4 Concept

After plenty of teasing from the German brand, this was the auto world's first chance to see its latest SUV crossover in the flesh and it seemed to elicit approval all-round. It's a very athletic looking car with a markedly sloping, fastback shape and plenty of interior space. While the X4 is officially at concept stage, it's likely to hit showrooms by 2014, without too many changes, along with a number of other, similar challengers to Range Rover's new Evoque.

Maserati Ghibli

The Ghibli was the undoubted star of this year's show, part of Maserati's grand plan to increase sales ten times over. Visitors seemed particularly impressed by the luxury-quality cabin and ultra-sleek exterior. Maserati is gunning for the big boys with the Ghibli, hoping to snap up some of the BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF market share.

VW CrossBlue Coupe

Another SUV crossover, this hybrid is going to be the biggest vehicle based on VW's MQB format. Its slick appearance hints at what we can expect from the next generations of Tiguan and Touareg and boasts VW's most up to date electric motors, combined with a petrol powered turbo V6.

Audi A3 Saloon

Debuted to a lucky few at the New York Motor Show last month, this week gave the general public a chance to ogle this compact and sophisticated executive car, that should do particularly well in China. While it's technically a new model, the A3 Saloon is in effect a cross between the A3 Sportback and the older A4 saloon and is likely to find plenty of admirers in the UK.

Mercedes Concept GLA

Another big hit in Shanghai was Mercedes' latest entry to its A-Class line-up, which, like the very similar BMW, should be virtually identical to the production version due to hit the streets in 2014. It's mouth-wateringly attractive and should be available with some very economical petrol and diesel engines and in front or all-wheel drive options.

Ford Escort

Yes, really. Don't get too excited though, as Ford is selling this unexciting, Focus sized, budget saloon strictly to the Chinese market. This is one they're welcome to keep.

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