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Highlights from 2015's motor shows

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2015's major motor shows were packed with the usual mixture of new model debuts and fascinating concepts predicting the future of the industry.

The following are some of the highlights from 2015's major motor shows.

Detroit's North American International Auto Show 2015

Honda NSX

Honda has been teasing the world with the promise of a new NSX for three years. In 2015 a long anticipated production-ready NSX was introduced at Detroit, looking every bit like a modern Japanese supercar. Its extrovert appearance concealed some very high tech and a 573bhp power output courtesy of a twin turbo V6 and three electric motors. The NSX is due to reach forecourts this spring, with prices forecast to start at about £100,000.

Ford GT

Ford's new GT drew gasps of admiration from the usually laid back Detroit crowd. It sports more than 600bhp from a mid-mounted 3.5 litre twin turbo V6 EcoBoost, the most powerful version of the award winning EcoBoost engine yet, the power being delivered via rear wheel drive. The new model marks 50 years since the GT blew Ferrari out of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1966, taking all three first places after years of domination by the Italian brand.

Geneva Motor Show 2015

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept

Bentley has been pondering the commercial viability of a production version of this hot two seater sports coupe - and it looks promising. Based upon classic Bentleys of the past, the EXP 10 Speed 6 is relatively compact and designed to compete with the likes of Aston Martin and Porsche, offering thrilling speed and opulent luxury.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari's latest V8 broke with tradition to add a turbocharger, which helps the relatively restrained 3.9 litre engine to achieve 600bhp and ridiculous amounts of torque. The result is a sub-three second sprint to 60mph and a top speed of around 205mph. It's faster than both the Enzo and the 458 Italia around the Ferrari test track at Fiorano.

Ford Focus RS

A little more down to Earth but still thrilling to drive, the latest high performance Focus is far more sophisticated than its predecessor, with 350bhp, all wheel drive and enough grunt to go up against the likes of the VW Golf R or the Subaru WRX STI. If even offers an entertaining 'drift mode' as one of its four dynamic driving settings. And it looks like a boy racer's dream, with special alloys, an aggressive new front grille and a bold rear spoiler.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

This concept is a video game brought to life, one of a long line of one-off Vision GT models designed for PlayStation's Gran Turismo game by a number of major manufacturers including Mercedes, Subaru, BMW, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Nissan. For Bugatti the Vision Gran Turismo is a tribute to the brand's racing legacy in ultra-modern form, even bolder and more modern looking than the Veyron.

Nissan Gripz

It's rather a departure from the Qashqai, but this concept was Nissan's idea of sporty crossovers of the future, with radical styling, sporty performance and ultra-modern engineering. It's hybrid powered and features distinctive up and over opening front doors, plus half size, rear hinged back doors. The absence of a roof pillar means that access to all seats is easy and the roof looks as though it's floating.

Porsche Mission E

Porsche's first high performance four seater all electric car is full of innovative new technology, such as virtual reality wing mirrors projecting a view onto the windscreen to remove the drag provided by traditional mirrors. Porsche is planning performance statistics of 3.5 seconds to 62mph and a 300 mile range to enable it to gain traction in the highly competitive electric sports car market.

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