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Great used cars from the Nineties

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How are these great Nineties used cars ageing, two decades on?

The Nineties considered itself an antidote to the Eighties, a decade of excess - big hair, big shoulder pads, big engines. With the advantage of hindsight some may feel that the Nineties may also have quite a lot to apologise for . . . Mr Blobby perhaps? However both decades have one thing in common in that they produced some really great cars. Some Eighties classics are gaining a strong reputation these days as modern classics. Which Nineties greats are ageing well and are likely to become the next wave of modern classics?

Great Nineties used cars for today

Honda Integra Type R

Famous for its amazing front wheel drive handling, the Integra Type R was a Nineties boy racer's dream. Unfortunately this means well cared-for models are hard to find. However there are plenty of them around - be prepared to pay about £10,000 for tidy example. There's great fun to be had here!

Lotus Elise

It's not a practical everyday run-around but the Elise has a lot to offer at the weekends. It looks fabulous and feels even better to drive, even at 20 years old. It was released in 1996 and can be found for less than £10,000 now - and they're likely to hold their value. You don't often see high mileage on one but still need to look out for a full service history and beware of cheap repairs to crash damage.

Subaru Impreza Turbo

One of the best-known rally cars of the Nineties, the Impreza Turbo is a total bargain. Prices start at £2,000 on the used cars market but be very careful what you're buying - and make sure your driving skills are up to scratch!

Mazda MX-5

The MX-5 hit the UK market in 1990 and wowed the crowds from the start. It's the world's best-selling sports car, even though it's not really that speedy - instead focus on its sparkling handling and great looks. That Japanese pedigree also means that it's a very reliable car. The first generation models come with funky pop up headlights and are a lesson in simplicity but are prone to rust so examine any potential purchases very carefully.

TVR Chimaera

The Nineties were the last great decade for TVR. The Chimaera will leave jaws gaping with its punchy Rover V8 and classic sports car design. It's not for the faint hearted and reliability has always been an issue, but driving a TVR is the culmination of every sports car fan's dreams.

Rod Escort RS Cosworth

The Nineties successor to the hot hatches of the Eighties, the unmistakable Cossie is fast even by modern standards. It also boasts oodles of retro charm and makes a nice change to the usual sports car suspects.

Volkswagen Corrado

A Corrado only gets cooler with age and still looks fresh today. They've never been cheap but have a great image and even better performance, derived from the second generation Golf. Go for a 2.9 litre VR6 for serious driving thrills. Expect to spend about £5,000-£7,000 and remember that you get what you pay for.

Honda NSX

The NSX was Honda's attempt to take on Ferrari and make an affordable - and reliable - supercar. It succeeded too, with a six second 0-62mph time and distinctive sports car looks. The NSX is a cult classic today and commands about £35,000. It's not cheap but for what you're getting it's definitely good value for money.

Jaguar XK8

One of the cheapest ways into Jaguar ownership, the XK8 was and still is a genuinely beautiful car. Let down a little by a somewhat dated interior it's still an absolute bargain with prices from under £4,000, for which you get a naturally aspirated 4.0 litre V8. Brilliant.

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