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Great Holiday Destinations For Car Lovers

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While planning your summer holiday this year, try to include one of the following great destinations for car fans. Whether or not you admit the reason for the trip to your other half is up to you...


This Italian town is where Ferrari was born in 1947. Apart from the corporate HQ, Maranello's attractions now include a Ferrari factory, test track and a museum, all of which are open to visitors. Ferrari nuts are known as 'Tifosi' but there's lots to see of interest here, even if you prefer Lamborghini! Apart from an impressive collection of Formula One exhibits, the museum houses a mouthwatering collection of vintage racers and classic Ferraris, both old and modern. Consider extending the Ferrari theme by renting one - you'll pay about £2,000 for a day's use of a 488, and you can finish the evening in the town's Ferrari themed Ristorante Montana.

Bowling Green

Since 1981 General Motors has been building Corvettes at a plant in this Kentucky city. Bowling Green is a beautiful location and there are factory tours for metal heads for £4.50, to show you how the iconic muscle car is built. Across the road you'll find the National Corvette Museum and the middle of July sees the annual National Corvette Homecoming, where Corvettes return to their birthplace. The event includes seminars, competitions, a road tour, live music and a fabulous party atmosphere.


It's not your typical summer holiday destination but Stuttgart is the home of Porsche and a car lover's dream. Visit the Porsche museum to see 80 cars delineating the brand's history and follow up with a factory tour, showing the state of the art production methods which result in the modern 911. You can even take a spin in a Macan, Cayman, Boxster or 911 at the Porsche Drive department. And if you haven't had enough, the Mercedes-Benz museum is 20 minutes down the road. Discover more about the brand's 125 year history through 1,500 exhibits, including 160 vehicles.

West Midlands

If you are limited to a staycation this year, Castle Bromwich can fill in for foreign auto factories with a Jaguar plant. Once an aircraft factory, it's now where Jaguar F-Type, XF and XJ models are made and there is a great tour, showing visitors how it's done. Head south 13 miles to Solihull for the Land Rover factory, where the Range Rover and Discovery models are made. There's a Land Rover Experience Centre on site and the chance to put a Range Rover through its paces.

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