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Goodwood announces dates of key motor events for 2017

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Motor events for next year are ready to be diaried - although changes could happen.

The organisers at Goodwood have announced their key dates for next year, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Goodwood Revival and the 75th Members’ Meeting. Every year they have to work with the FIA in order to prevent a clash with top-tier motorsports events such as the Le Mans calendar and the grand prix, meaning that changes are still possible.

Prepare for top motor events

The announced dates are only provisional, although it is rare to see a change. Tickets are not available to buy as yet, but the dates should offer a clue as to when days off need to be booked and holidays need to be avoided for fans of the events.

The key dates for the West Sussex showcase events, therefore, are 22nd to 25th June 2017 for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, eighth to the tenth of September for the Goodwood Revival and 18th to 19th March for the Members’ Meeting.

Background on the Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is renowned for its mix of cars and stars and is the largest festival of its type in the world. It is the place to see some of the most glamorous and indeed some of the rarest cars on the planet.

The event can trace its history back to 1939 when the ninth Duke of Richmond, Freddie March, held a private Lancia Car Club hill climb at Goodwood House. In 1993, the Duke’s grandson, who is the current Earl of March, held his very own hill climb and the Festival of Speed was born.

The event starts off with a much-heralded Press & Preview Day when the some of the very latest road cars go on show. The rest of the weekend is dedicated to heritage cars attempting the 1.16-mile Hill climb. The event continues to challenge even the planet’s greatest riders and drivers and attracts the stars of Moto GP and Formula 1.

More on the Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival claims to take visitors back to those ‘halcyon days’ when Goodwood was British motor racing’s spiritual home, and organisers believe it is the one and only historic racing meeting which is staged completely in period dress. The event aims to be a complete and unabashed celebration of racing, taking in the sweeps and curves of a classic circuit which has not been changed since its heyday.

The first ever Revival took place on 18th September, 1998. This event saw the current Earl of March driving around the historic circuit at the wheel of the Bristol 400 car which held his grandfather, the ninth Duke of Richmond, when he opened the track half a century before.

The history of motor events at Goodwood

The Motor Circuit at Goodwood was first opened to the public in September 1948 and hosted the first motor race meeting after the war to be held at a UK permanent venue. The event was a huge success as people celebrated the return of motor events as a means of entertainment and competition after WW II.

Thousands of spectators turned up at Goodwood to show their support for what was Britain’s first professionally-organised racing event for many years, marking the return of Goodwood’s illustrious motor events.

Goodwood eventually closed its gates to racers and enthusiasts of contemporary motor racing after 18 years but its motor events story did not end there, as the thousands of people who attend the estate every year for its historic showcases would undoubtedly testify.

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