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Goodbye SLS, Hello AMG GT...

By raccars Published

With the demise of the SLS next year, Mercedes has been beavering away on its £100,000 replacement, the AMG GT. The car is due to be revealed at the 2014 German Grand Prix, prior to reaching the public market in 2015.

Disguised versions of the new sports car have been spotted out testing a couple of times, each showing progress towards a more production ready form. However, it seems Mercedes-Benz is still working on a final exhaust set up, among other elements. The flagship two seater will be powered by a 4.0 litre V8 engine with twin turbochargers and 493bhp. Although it is ostensibly a replacement for the brand's own SLS, apparently Mercedes is targeting the Porsche 911 Turbo, in terms of driving dynamics, stimulating performance and everyday practicality.

The front engined car has been considered under various names and has been codenamed C190 for development purposes. While Mercedes has yet to confirm its status in public, it is believed the GT designation will stick, and production will continue on the current SLS site at the German AMG headquarters in Affalterbach.

The basic aluminium spaceframe construction method underpinning the SLS has, for the most part, been retained for its replacement, mated to a double wishbone front and multi link rear suspension arrangement. There will be a plethora of selectable electronic driving aids available, including variable damping. The base is topped by an aluminium and composite bodyshell.

While the GT will be campaigned as an all new vehicle, it does share some of the design features seen on the SLS, such as the long, low bonnet, with a swept back roofline and cockpit set far to a compact rear end, a format itself set by the first SL. However, the slightly controversial gullwing door arrangement used on the SLS has given way to more conventional front hinged versions, that Mercedes hopes will give the GT more mainstream appeal.

The new car will be slightly shorter than its predecessor but height and width are about on a par. It is shod in 19 inch wheels and the bonnet will house an all new 4.0 litre V8 engine, that will also feature in the C63 AMG's replacement. An uprated version of the A45 and CLA45's four cylinder 2.0 litre in line set up, the V8 will sit just above the ground and almost centrally in the car, to create an excellent weight balance. Its power output has yet to be confirmed but a figure of around 493bhp is expected.

With lots more information to come, keep an eye on this space!

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