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Good News For Nissan 370Z Fans

By raccars Published

Nissan has announced prices for its latest 370Z line up and confirmed the addition of a hot Nismo variant. The model range starts at £26,995, thanks to price cuts for lower specification models and goes up to £36,995 for the funky 370Z Nismo.

The 370Z is the second car to receive Nismo treatment after the best selling Juke model. The range topping variant was debuted at March's Geneva Motor Show and comes armed with a 339bhp 3.7 litre V6 engine, rear wheel drive and a six speed manual transmission. As already seen on the Nissan Juke, the Nismo badge also gets you a racy body kit, stiffer and lower suspension, sports exhaust and the necessary extra baking capacity. Other sporting features include new bumpers, a downforce boosting rear wing and Bridgestone Potenza tyres on 19 inch alloy wheels . Inside, the steering wheel gets an Alcantara trim, there's sports seating and the black and red colourway that's the Nismo hallmark.

By comparison, the Porsche Cayman costs £2,212 more than a Nissan 370Z Nismo, while the Cayman S is £10,000 extra, with a comparatively paltry 320bhp to play with. The 370Z Nismo may lack the badge cachet of a Porsche but provides comparable entertainment on the road.

The entry-level 370Z comes with 324bhp and revised styling including new 18 inch alloy wheels. Its £26,995 price tag makes it £3,005 cheaper than it used to be and pretty much on a par with the Toyota GT86 and its Subaru BRZ doppelganger - however those two are 100bhp to the poorer. Certainly the 370Z is a more interesting proposition than the similarly priced Astra VXR and Renault Megane RS.

The standard 370Z and Nismo come in a coupe format and with the six speed manual gearbox, but there is also a 370Z GT available as both a coupe and a roadster and with the option of a seven speed automatic transmission. The 370GT model supersedes the previous GT pack and gets the Nissan Connect Premium satellite navigation and infotainment system and 19 inch alloys but, best of all, at £31,955 it is £3,055 cheaper than the earlier version.

Four years on the market has given the 370Z a chance to prove itself a good, old-fashioned sports coupe and the updates have only made it more desirable. It has performance, good looks and affordability on its side, while with the Nismo branding has the potential to become rather cool.

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