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Going To The Dogs

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Apart from ensuring there's enough boot space, few people base their choice of car upon how dog friendly it is. However, if you tend to carry your canine companion in your vehicle regularly, it makes sense to make the process as comfortable and hassle free as possible for both of you. The following accessories can make travelling with Fido a bit easier.

Pet Gear Trifold Ramp

In many cases dogs can jump or be lifted into a car, but if you drive a high riding SUV, or if your pooch is having back or leg problems and if you simply don't fancy getting covered in wet dog hairs, a ramp allows much better access. The Pet Gear ramp is one of the longer options, ideal for taller cars, with a non-slip surface for safety. It also folds neatly for convenient storage. Costs about £60.

RAC Advanced Dog Guard

If your dog doesn't travel in a crate in the boot, a dog guard can help to keep him out of the cabin without cutting him off from the other passengers in the car. It also protects both dog and humans in the event of a collision. Most manufacturers make a dog guard to fit individual models but the RAC version is universal and will fit most cars, plus it's easy to fit. £50.

Boot Protector

Boot liners are the best way to protect your car from hair, mud, scratches and doggy odours. It's easy to wipe clean or wash and will help to keep your car's interior in perfect condition. About £15.

Dog Seatbelt and Harness

It's not safe to allow dogs to travel in the car unsecured, so keep him and other occupants safe with a harness and seatbelt. Seatbelts plug into the usual seatbelt socket and give dogs enough movement to make themselves comfortable but hold them in place. About £25.

Pet Gear Window Guard

As entertaining as it is to see Fido enjoying the fresh air with his head out of the window, it's also rather dangerous. With a window guard your dog gets the benefits of ventilation but is kept safely in the car. Most units fit between the window and the top of the frame and can also be used to allow your dog fresh air, if you need to leave him in the car for a short while - but remember never to leave a dog in a car on a hot day. About £5.

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