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Giving Your Car The Kim And Aggie Treatment

By raccars Published

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Just like humans, cars suffer in winter weather. Rain from above and salt from the roads beneath make your car look and feel rather dull. However, warm weekends are on the way, so do your car a massive favour and give it a good spring clean.

Start with your car's interior by taking out the mats and vacuuming the carpets thoroughly. Use carpet or upholstery cleaner to tackle any stains and allow time to dry out completely before closing the windows again. Take the jet wash to rubber or carpet mats and allow to dry in the sun before replacing.

Don't forget to get the hoover into cracks between seats, and any recesses where dust and crumbs can collect. Tackle any stubborn marks and stains with a specialist cleaning product. Don't forget handbrakes, gearsticks, steering wheels and any other areas you touch with your hands regularly, but only use cleaners designed not to leave these slippery.

Hoover and shampoo seats too, and again allow to dry thoroughly with the windows open.

Now you can get going on the outside, for which a good pressure washer is essential. Give a good initial rinse to get rid of any road salt caking the underside of the car. Pay special attention to door sills, wheel arches and under the bumpers, where salt, mud and other grime tend to accumulate.

Use a specialist wheel cleaner on alloys and take some time to remove brake dust. Waxing the wheels after will help to maintain their finish and make future cleaning easier.

The next stage is to treat the bodywork by hand. Always use proper car shampoo rather than washing up liquid, which can contain paint damaging salt. Similarly, use a proper washing mitt rather than a sponge, which can trap tiny particles of grit and dirt and scratch your paintwork as your rub.

To do the job properly, use two buckets - one with washing water and one with fresh, clean water to rinse the washing mitt between passes. After giving a thorough clean, including into nooks and crannies, with your soapy washing mitt, hose away all the soap thoroughly. Once you think you have finished rinsing, rinse again one more time.

Use a chamois leather or drying towel to avoid streaks.

Now you can polish the windows, inside and out.

The final touch is to wax the car. Not everyone likes a wax finish but it will help to preserve paintwork and make future washing easier.

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