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Give A Car A Bad Name

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Some words just work well as car names, such as Corvette, Spider and Skyline, and some just don't. In theory you can tell a lot from a name, which is unfortunate for cars that manufacturers have chosen to identify with some absolutely awful names.

Bentley Bentayga

It hasn't even hit the market yet, but already Bentley's new SUV has come in for plenty of criticism. The company named the car after a Canary Islands mountain peak, but what might work well on landscape doesn't translate quite so well to metal. As a Bentley, the Bentayga is expected to be a very good machine, and it will need to be to overcome that initial hurdle of a completely uninspiring name.

Renault Kadjar

It must be an SUV thing, because Renault's latest effort, designed to take on the Nissan Qashqai, has been given the somewhat awkward moniker 'Kadjar'. According to Renault the word is a mash up of quad and 'jaillir', the French verb meaning 'to shoot out'. The whole is meant to signify agility and robustness; however the word Kadjar is remarkably similar to Qajar, a Persian tribe ? could this be a direct challenge to the Qashqai, also named after a Persian tribe?

Vauxhall Adam

No offence to Adams around the world, but the 'Adam' name doesn't immediately conjure up fun, funky youthfulness and nifty performance ? the market at which the Adam is aimed. As for the 'Adam Rocks' and 'Adam Grand Slam' versions ? they might as well have called them the 'Tony' and the 'Dave'. Adam is in fact named after Adam Opel, the son of Karl Opel, the founder of the brand.

Opel Karl

In similar style, Opel's version of Vauxhall's new Viva city car is named after the founder of the brand himself. Let's hope it sounds better in other languages.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Another one that probably gets lost in translation, this is the kind of name that might sound cool to someone such as Del Boy, but doesn't in any way convey the sophistication of the car. It is just a bit naff and a bit 80s in a big hair and stonewashed jeans sort of way - and not in an ironic, retro way.

Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard

The Vauxhall Frontera was, believe it or not, known by this name in other part of the world. Even the manufacturer appears to be slightly embarrassed by this one, abbreviating it to MU. It is either the most brilliant car name ever or completely daft.

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