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Getting Through Your Driving Theory Test

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Organising driving lessons and practice sessions is the first challenge along with, for some, getting together the funds to buy a car. However, the biggest and most important obstacle to getting on the road is the driving test.

The current format in the UK sees a theory test which must be passed before it can be followed by a practical test. For many, the theory test is the most daunting stage in the process, but thorough preparation can help you not only to achieve a successful result but also to stay calm along the way.

Expect two components to the theory test. Firstly there is a series of multiple choice questions, followed by questions on hazard perception. There are 50 questions in the multiple choice section, which you will have 57 minutes to answer. There is a bank of 1,000 questions available from which 50 are taken at random. Both parts of the test are taken at the same time and both must be passed to be able to progress to the practical test stage - the score for a pass is a minimum of 43 correct answers out of 50.

The aim of the theory test is to ensure you have sufficient knowledge of UK road rules and the Highway Code to be allowed to use public roads. The content of the test is based around the DVSA official guides, which are the Official DVSA Guide to Driving, Know Your Traffic Signs and the Official Highway Code. Get some practice with mock tests, which can be found online, usually free of charge. These will help you know what to expect and become familiar with the test structure.

Theory test are taken at approved centres and must be booked in advance. You will receive your results at the end of the test and, hopefully, a pass certificate. This is valid for two years, which means that if you do not pass your practical test within this time, you will need to go through the whole process again before you can gain your full licence.

The fee for the theory test is currently £25, but will be reduced from October this year to £23. Don't forget to take your provisional licence to the test centre with you.

The theory test pass rate currently stands at 50.7% and has been in decline over the last few years.

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