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Getting The Timing Right

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If you are aiming to buy a car as an investment but your budget is modest, the key is in the timing. You will need to find a car that's cheap to buy now but which is set to rocket in price in the future. The following can all be found for a very affordable £5,000 now, but may well turn you a tidy profit later on.

Honda S2000

Taking on Mazda's MX-5, the S2000 from 2000-2009 boasted a 237bhp power output allied with a low centre of gravity and almost perfect weight distribution. The result was masses of fun and a 0-60mph time of 6.2 seconds. It was never as successful as its rival, with somewhat twitchy handling putting off nervous drivers. But it now represent a very entertaining vintage roadster. You'll have to get in quick to find one of these for a decent price as the market is starting to realise what a good buy they are. With Honda's legendary reliability and a £5,000 price tag you can't really go wrong.

Jaguar XJS

In 1975 the XJS arrived to replace the E-Type, but in fact it was a very different car. The XJS excels as a grand tourer rather than a thoroughbred sports car, although there's plenty of speed on offer if necessary. Beware of rust, dark smoke and oil pressure problems. Avoid high mileage models if you can, or you could find you spend as much as you will make on an XJS. On the plus side, Jaguars tend to appreciate and the XJS will ride beautifully while you are waiting for your profit to accumulate.

Porsche Boxster

A Boxster doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think of future classics, but this appealing roadster won over its early critics with its perky performance and rock solid handling. You'll be looking at an earlier model for £5,000, so buy with care. Porsches are reliable but some Boxster owners may have been a little over enthusiastic with the accelerator, so make sure you have a comprehensive history and check carefully for any accident damage.

Citroen C6

Another leftfield choice, the C6 suffered from bone crunching depreciation which saw it sell fewer than a thousand units in the UK. The big car also fell prey to rumours of reliability issues so commonly associated with big Citroens. On the other hand, this means they are certainly exclusive and C6 owners tend to be very happy with them. This is not a sports car and wallows like a hippo around corners, but is wonderfully cosseting for touring.

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