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Getting More Miles Per Gallon

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Cars are more economical than ever and the price of fuel does sometimes go down, but that doesn't mean you can afford to waste fuel. A few simple adjustments to your driving can squeeze a few more miles out of every gallon.

The weight issue

Your car has to work harder to carry around extra weight, just as your body does. Don't pay to lug around cargo you don't really need - take any extraneous clutter out of the boot or the back seat and only carry around things you actually need.

Look ahead

Anticipating what's coming up in the road results in a smoother and more economical driving style. Keep an eye on the road ahead and if you see traffic building up, lift your foot off the accelerator in good time, rather than slamming the brakes on. Accelerate gently and smoothly instead of acting as if you are in a race.

Open a window

A controversial one this, as while some will point out that the air conditioning system requires your car's engine to work harder and so burn more fuel, others warn that open windows increase drag and make your car less aerodynamic. Either way, your engine has to compensate for your comfort, so if you really want to save fuel, it's best to sweat and suffocate in a hot car...

Stop-start ignition

This technology extinguishes your engine if you put it into neutral when stopped at traffic lights or in a queue of cars. When you use the clutch again the car will restart, stopping you from wasting fuel while stationary.

Size matters

Smaller engines are not always more efficient and cheaper, but smaller cars almost certainly are. Unless you really need the extra space, get as small a car as you can.

Buy a newer car

Modern cars are more efficient. They use less fuel and boast cleaner emissions so you pay less VED.

Tyre pressure

Low tyre pressure can create extra drag on the road. Keeping your tyre pressure within manufacturer specifications or even a little bit higher helps your car to move more smoothly and easily along the road.

Plug gaps

A slightly tongue in cheek suggestion is to tape up panel gaps on your car. These gaps interrupt the smooth flow of air over your car's body, so by closing them, your car can work more efficiently. Don't forget to leave the front grill open though or the engine won't be able to breathe!

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