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Getting A Good Deal On Young Driver Insurance

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Young drivers fortunate enough to have navigated all the obstacles involved in passing a driving test then face an even greater hurdle - buying and insuring a car. Never mind reliability, style, performance or doing burn outs in the supermarket car parks, young drivers these days are obliged to choose their car based upon how expensive it is to insure. That doesn't sit well with the fashion conscious youth crowd, so compromises have to be made. With such a high proportion of funds necessarily going towards insurance, an old banger isn't really an option, as there won't be a lot left over for regular repairs.

The key is usually in the size of the engine. As far as insurance is concerned, size does matter and smaller is better. Not only are less powerful cars considered less risky but the cars with the smallest engines tend to be the smallest overall and insurers like their lower capacity for passenger carrying. There are some great choices these days in that sector. The Honda Jazz, for example, is compact, frugal and reliable, while other small cars worth considering for young drivers include the Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Alto and the Vauxhall Agila.

Unfortunately, most of these are distinctly uncool. Without spending a fortune - say £500 - you can get a 12 year old Fiesta or similar hatchback, albeit with high mileage, that will probably pass muster parked outside the students' union. Less obvious choices, such as the Seat Ibiza or Skoda Fabia, would be a worthwhile use of a small budget too, as cheaper versions of the popular VW Polo.

Still bearing the insurance in mind, you could go even smaller - the Ford Ka, Fiat Panda and Seat Arosa are reliable cars that are pleasingly cheap to repair should anything go wrong and have scored highly in Euro NCAP crash testing. Where these really score for insurance, however, is their four rather than five seat passenger capacity. Younger drivers are the highest risk group for serious personal injury claims - £500,000 plus pay outs are standard. If the car is full of the driver's mates in the event of an accident, that pay out could be multiplied by four, so smaller cars mean smaller pay outs.

Having chosen a sensible car, the best option is then for younger drivers to opt for a telematics based policy, using a 'black box' to monitor their driving and adjust the cost of insurance accordingly. Choosing a lifestyle appropriate policy, such as one tailored to students, could also reduce costs helpfully.

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