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Generation EQ starts a run of Mercedes-Benz electric cars.

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Electric Merc

The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ crossover is the first in a family of new electric cars.

The electrified future of Mercedes-Benz moves a step closer as the Generation EQ concept is shown off in Paris. The electric SUV coupe is based on the scalable platform which the manufacturer says will feature in a totally new electric car range.

The concept looks radical but the technology is less outlandish, coming in the form of two electric motors which provide four-wheel-drive at all times. The system, depending on how it is used, also has the potential to be configured to produce as much as 420bhp.

Mercedes-Benz believes that this technology can be successfully combined with its luxurious and safe design reputation and should be able to deliver a range of up to around 310 miles.

The new Mercedes-Benz EQ range

The Generation EQ is a preview of the new Mercedes-Benz range of EQ cars. These will become a separate brand in a similar vein to BMW’s i-Division. The name is a play on the term IQ and aims to convey an idea of ‘Electric Intelligence’. Dieter Zetsche, the Mercedes CEO, says that the company has a vision of building cars and delivering an ‘electric ecosystem’, featuring innovations, technologies and services.

The EQ shown at the Paris motor show is still a concept but the Generation EQ platform is almost production-ready. It utilises a mix of carbon fibre, aluminium and high-strength steel to keep the weight down as far as possible. The lithium-ion batteries are also set low down in the chassis in order to ensure the best possible handling.

In addition to a new generation of running gear, the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ showcases the manufacturer's latest interior technology. This includes touch-sensitive controls on the steering wheel which access menus on the LED dashboard displays.

The Mercedes-Benz scalable platform

The Mercedes-Benz dedicated battery vehicle platform has been designed to be scalable, meaning that it has the potential to be used in a wide variety of vehicles moving forward from the SUV concept showcased in Paris. As well as a new platform, the company is also developing charging technology that could work so quickly that the range of the car may be increased by 100 miles after only five minutes of charging.

The concept was first seen in a teaser video which was released by Mercedes-Benz and revealed that the new vehicle would be destined for an SUV market. The video provided only limited details: other than the all-electric architecture, there appear to be rear-view cameras where door mirrors would ordinarily be; LED lights; and a futuristic-style grille.

The future of the EQ brand

Mercedes-Benz has big plans for the EQ brand, featuring ten new models, with initial deliveries slated for 2019. All will be pure-electric vehicles and the ten are set to be rolled out from 2019 through to 2025. There is also the likelihood that this will happen alongside the launch of successors to the electric Smart vehicles of today.

The manufacturer has registered all possible EQ badges, meaning that the range could include everything from a large EQS saloon to a small EQA. There also the possibility that hybrid models will be feature in the EQ range, even before 2025, although the company has not confirmed any firm plans. It has, however, confirmed that this could happen.

The EQ vehicles will be built beside conventional Mercedes-Benz models in order to avoid the punitive costs faced by BMW in relation to its carbon fibre-heavy i range. Mercedes-Benz is aiming for a flexible approach, in terms of both its production network and the underlying engineering.

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